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Diablo Summit Stomp 30K Race Report

The Diablo Summit Stomp 30K was a new event for Brazen Racing this year. In past years, Brazen has held a race at Diablo in November with the longest distance being a half marathon. When I saw the addition of a 30K that went to the Diablo Summit, I knew I needed to do it [because I'm crazy]! One of my goals for 2017 is to run in the mountains more, and that means more climbing. I started preparing myself for that goal this fall with the Brazen Rocky Ridge half marathon (a half with 3900 feet of climbing and lots of steeps) and this 30K, which had 4200 feet of climbing. The main difference of the Diablo event was not the total vert - I've done that in this distance many times - but the extended length of the climb. The race started at Castle Rock Park in Walnut Creek, CA, which had a lot of easily accessible parking. The walk to the staging area from the parking lot was about 15 minutes; had I realized that, I would not have planned to go back to my car after bib pick up as

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