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2017 Run Down

The end of 2017 is here! I accomplished two exciting 50K goals this year and had a ton of fun at races and a relay in between. It was nearly impossible to choose only a few highlights from such a great year of running. Here's my overview of the year, plus what I'm looking for out of 2018.

Best Race Experiences

One: Canyons 50K was my big, scary goal for the year and successfully completing it made me feel like a rockstar. The course follows the Western States trail from Foresthill Elementary School (one of the big aid stations during Western States 100) and is an out-and-back through some of the hardest climbs on the WS100 course, totaling ~9200 feet of elevation gain. I knew going in that this would be a huge challenge and the most time on feet I've ever experienced, and I was incredibly nervous. That said, I'd had my eye on this event since it started a couple of years back and couldn't wait to get out on those trails! 

The day was a big success - my body cooperat…

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