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Canyons 50K Race Recap

It's been a week since I ran Canyons 50K and I'm still high on life. The race went better than I could have imagined! Now that you have the outcome, let's back up to how the weekend and race played out.

Kevin and I took Friday off and drove to Auburn in the early afternoon, going straight to Auburn Running Company to pick up our bibs and swag. Kevin was running the 25K while I was doing the 50K, so we both got the awesome Canyons trucker hats. I love hats, and this is now one of my very favorite ones! 50K and 100K runners received both the shirt and hat, while the 25K and 10K runners chose one or the other. The 25K and 10K were added this year as a fundraiser for the Foresthill schools and the Western States trail, and it turned out to be a great way for family to participate in the race weekend while supporting 50K and 100K runners.

We had a lot of the day left to hang out in Auburn after picking up the bibs, so we visited Moonraker Brewing and I let myself have one low A…

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