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Western States Training Weekend: A Dream Come True

For the past few years I've had my eye on the Western States training runs, and finally this year the dates aligned. Western States holds a 3-day training weekend over Memorial Day each year to help runners prepare for the race, covering 70 miles of the course. The runs are open to anyone who wants to come experience the trails, even people who are not (or may never) run the race itself. People who have read my past blog posts likely know that I'm obsessed with the Western States trail, so it's not surprising that I wanted to participate!
Kevin and I did the Saturday run together, which is ~32 miles beginning at Robinson Flat and ending at Foresthill. Even though it's not a timed race, it's a very organized training run with buses to the start (it's a point-to-point), four aid stations, and bracelets to track runner safety. We arrived at Foresthill around 6:30 am for the 7 am bus departure, hit the porta-potties, chatted with other runners, and found some Bay …

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