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A very big change

We talked about leaving the Bay Area for a long time - years, even - yet the reality of actually DOING it felt difficult and scary. Where would we go? What did we want? Many discussions had lead us to a desire to live in a smaller city, one that had amenities but didn't feel so crowded and intense. We wanted a place that felt more like home, a place where we fit in. And we wanted a place that had seasons. (That's right, I love snow and wanted to wake up with snow outside my windows again!) At that point, we were all talk. Then in September 2019, I came across an interesting job opportunity in the Google Pittsburgh office. I'd had my eye on the postings for that office location for quite some time; I already knew I liked the city and it felt like what we were looking for. Even better, it was pretty close to both of our families. Kevin and I left for a yoga and running retreat in Point Reyes that afternoon, and we discussed the possibility of this job for the whole car ride.

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