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Overlook 50K Race Recap

This past weekend I ran my fall goal race, Overlook 50K, which is yet another race located in Auburn along parts of the Western States trail. Are you seeing a pattern here? Although I'm not sure I'll ever want to attempt 100 miles, I'm still finding myself obsessed with running as much of the Western States trail as possible.

I've run part of this course in the past while visiting Auburn to volunteer for States in 2016. A group of us did an out and back from Foresthill to Cal-1; considering it's mostly downhill on the way out and mostly uphill on the way back, I was happy this 50K course only went in one direction. The race was a point-to-point starting at Foresthill and ending at Auburn Overlook, and a highlight was my first-ever American River crossing at Poverty Bar.

Before the race, Kevin and I stayed in an amazing AirBnB in Foresthill starting on Thursday. This place looked great online and did not disappoint; the house was beautiful inside plus it included a …

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