Every Run is Amazing...

When you run in new clothes! Sadly, I only wish that were true. In reality, today was one of those runs where each step felt hard and I never found my comfortable place. It often takes me 3 or 4 miles to feel good and warm, but that didn't even happen this time around.

My husband and I went out on the Bay Trail from Shoreline in Mountain View. I dialed it back a little to rest from last Sunday's race and ran 9 miles, while Kevin pushed his distance to 16 miles in preparation for the Malibu Marathon. I switched my race entry to the half because of my injury, and I'm really glad I did due to inflammation after NWM.

Today was hot (at or above 80 degrees) and we were running in full sun - heat is always a downfall for me. I handled it and pushed through by giving myself (really, my mental well-being) a couple of walk breaks to drink water and still kept an ok pace. That said, I was so glad to finish at 9 miles and to let Kevin continue running on his own this time!

I enjoyed the rest of the time at Shoreline Park hanging out by the water for some bird watching and people watching. The park was pretty crowded with runners, bikers, walkers, and families relishing in the nice weather.

Back to the comment on new clothes, the fun part of my day. I bought the Second Wind Skort from Athleta which has the cutest pleats in the front. The color is called ultra blue, although really it looks purple. The purple stitching on the pleats adds a nice touch, and I love how flattering it is. As with most skorts, the under-shorts ride up a little and I find that annoying on long runs. I'll likely stick to short runs with this skort but I'll enjoy it none-the-less.

I bought the Relay Capri running tight when I ordered the skort, but the fit was super unflattering on me so it'll be going back. It's too bad - they had cooling mesh and cuffs to make them look unique from other capris I've had. Guess I'll stick to my go-to Lululemon capris...if only they were a little less expensive!


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