Race On Deck

The race I've been waiting for is finally here - the Nike Women's Half Marathon is on Sunday! I'm super pumped about the race, although I'm also feeling a little worried about my body holding up. It's been a tough couple of months recovering from the injury, and my knee made itself known again after my 12 mile run. My calves have been really tight this week and my ankle was sore. Ugh, not the way to go into a race.

I went out for a slow and easy 3 miles today, making sure to stretch really good about a mile in and then after. Stretching definitely helped and the run eased my nerves a little. I'm sure the calf tightness is from checking out the zero drop shoes last Saturday (I know I know, stupid to try it a week before the race, but I thought that was plenty of time and I didn't go far...that's what happens when you get excited.) Earlier this week I focused on swimming and using the elliptical to give my knee a break. I still feel like I can run the whole thing or at least almost the whole thing, but I just can't attempt the PR this time.

On a happier note, it may not be a PR but there is a TIFFANY NECKLACE at the end! The race bibs are round which is unique and I love how small they are. I haven't seen the finisher shirts yet because we get them at the end, but we got a cute red drawstring bag for the goodie bag. I bought a shirt at Niketown too because it was too good to pass up - I run to be sexy. Oh yeah.

The race expo was interesting. They set up a tent in Union Square and it was all Nike all the time. Not surprising of course, but the expo didn't have the normal tables advertising other races and shops. Niketown was across the street and you could buy merchandise there. The tent had treadmills where you could try out Nike shoes and there were interesting booths like Neutrogena skin care and hair styling. I didn't actually wait in line for any of these but it looked cute.

Overall, the expo wasn't necessarily my taste but it was super well done. I'm confident the race will be just as great, not to mention the course being in San Francisco with fantastic views.

Wish me luck on Sunday, I'm sure I'll have fun no matter the time outcome!


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