Evolving Viewpoint

A friend who is into barefoot running posted an article on Google Plus a couple of days ago, and it might make me a believer. If you have read my previous blog posts, you'll know I am trying out zero drop shoes and I may be warming to the idea. In the past I've been rather anti-barefoot running and instead supported my heavy Brooks Adrenaline shoes. In all honesty, I'm scared about changing it up because I don't want to get hurt but a chat with the Newton Running gang at a race expo last month grabbed my attention.

Today, I read this New York Times article and watched the attached video on the 100-up exercise. I'd already planned to run in my Altras, so before my run I went through the minor form of the 100-up. I stayed in my shoes because they are leaning toward minimal, and then I went off for a few miles. Taking notes from the 100-ups, I focused on landing softly and engaging my legs to pull my feet from the ground. It felt great, even going up and downhill! I'm going to keep doing this exercise before runs, eventually moving on to the major form. I think this will really make a difference for me.

I felt great running today - maybe that 3 day break paid off a little! Following my short run I had to kick my own butt with weight training. My upper body and abs should feel awesome tomorrow (and by awesome, I mean sore.) Working with the personal trainer once a week has done just what I wanted - motivated me to get that second weight training day on my own.

Looking ahead to the end of the week, I'm so excited for my friend Ann to come visit from Ann Arbor. We are all heading to Malibu for the race and will have a fabulous weekend there. Expo pictures and race report to come soon!


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