Gobble Wobble

I love my company for many reasons, and this week I'm excited about the Gobble Wobble 3.3 mile race we had at noon yesterday. There is nothing like a good reason for a mid-day run! I debated registering for it so close to the half marathon, but when my cubemate suggested running I couldn't say no.

There was a great turnout - a little under 200 people - and they set up a balloon arch start and finish line. They had a clock and we even wore race bibs, so it was close to the real deal! The entry 'fee' was a canned good.

We had a nice run around campus and along parts of the Bay Trail, one of my favorite places to run in the Bay Area. It was a beautiful, sunny day and warmer than it's been. The below picture freaks me out a little because of my obvious heel strike, but I guess that's why I'm working with the new zero drop shoes.

Afterwards, Rebecca and I enjoyed lunch, grabbed a coffee from the barista, and (sadly) headed back to work...


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