The Malibu Half Approaches

The Malibu Half Marathon is on November 13, and I'm trying to take it a little easier on my body until then. I'm focusing on shorter runs with goals in mind, such as practicing my form in the Altra shoes and pushing pace in my normal shoes.

Yesterday I took my zero-drop Altra shoes 2 miles, my longest so far. I added hills to the Altra workout for the first time, having no idea what to expect of the downhills. Going downhill, I know I land even more heel-first than usual, but landing midfoot didn't feel awkward at all and definitely softened the landing. Training in these shoes seems to be going well and I'm not getting very sore anymore, but I anticipate my form isn't perfect in them yet. I'm looking forward to a minimal shoe running clinic with Integrate Performance Fitness in Mountain View, CA, on November 19 to get feedback.

Today, I went out for a short 3 mile tempo run, which ended up being more like a fartlek than a tempo run due to waiting on the traffic and crosswalks. It's getting dark early now, so I stayed in downtown San Jose on the well-lit sidewalks. I felt good pushing my pace and being out of breath, unlike my long runs where I stay aerobic at an easy pace.

The hard part to believe is how NICE the weather is! I absolutely love running in California - I usually associate dark with cold because of living in Michigan for so long. I have a feeling this 'winter' will be much more pleasant that what I'm used to. It looks like I'll also be needing some short sleeves and capris for night-time running (all of my night-time running clothes are heavy shirts, coats, and pants!) That bright green Brooks Nightlife shirt I've had my eye on perhaps?

As for my injury, it's feeling a bit better this week thanks to a very painful sports massage on Monday. This very well may have been the hardest massage yet and I'm still sore, but at least the big knot on my knee is gone. Running yesterday and today didn't hurt for the first time since the Nike Women's Half and I couldn't be happier about that part. I just hope it eventually goes back to normal...sooner than later.


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