Medal Mania

For a long time I've considered displaying our race medals somewhere in the house. I've debated as to if that's too high school - showing off your trophies - or if it would just be fun to see them for motivation. Today during a trip to the Container Store I came across a white wooden peg board and figured hey, why not hang them in the house?

Together, Kevin and I are getting quite the medal count! We put up the peg board and split the pegs between the two of us; it turned out really nice. It's hanging in our office-plus-workout room, the perfect place for a little extra motivation. And how nice it is to again see the medals that have been living in a bag for years.

Here is the pegboard with all medals, mine and the husband's.

And this is the close-up of mine. I'm looking forward to adding new medals come spring...


  1. I've started writing our names and our times on the back of the medals we have. We only do 2-3 races a year so we don't have a lot. But it was fun to also write how many weeks pregnant I was on a few of them ;)

  2. I thought about that - do you use permanent marker or something else?


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