It's 2012! What are my goals?

Twenty-twelve goals. I've been thinking about my plans and hopes for this year for a while, and I'm finally ready to put it in writing. This is the first new year I've had a blog, and I'm glad I'll be able to look back on this post throughout the year to remember my intentions.

Running & Fitness

1. Complete a sprint triathlon. I came up short on this goal last year after an injury, and I'm 'tri-ing' again.  I signed up for a Duathlon in March to get started, and my goal triathlon is the Tri for Real sprint in September in Pleasanton, CA. The group at Integrate Performance Fitness is starting a tri training program for that race and even setting up a tent for fun and support day-of. I'm excited to be part of the festivities and to have such a wonderful group to train with.

2. Complete my second marathon. My first marathon experience, Chicago in 2010, was rough even though training went great; I ended up walking a lot during the race. I'm rather marathon-shy at the moment for fear of a similar race day, but I want to go for it. I haven't picked the race yet but it'll be October or November.

3. Get back into strength training. When living in Michigan, strength training was a big part of my week thanks to a class and the awesome trainer who taught it. I let this slip when I moved and have only recently started working with a personal trainer for 'buddy training' sessions. (Much more cost effective with more people!) Our trainer is pretty good, but I'm not yet getting the hardcore leg workout that I need. This year I need to add that back either in the sessions or on my own. I'm considering Yoga too, which is way harder that I thought it would be and therefore a great workout.


1. Learn to eat bananas. For some strange reason I've never liked bananas and avoid eating them (although I'll drink bananas in's a texture thing.) Hopefully this year I can break the banana-hating mindset and eat the food that is a runner's friend.

2. Find new healthy recipes. My cooking habits have become boring, and although my hubby is nice about it, I know it's time to expand my repertoire. I'm planning to explore meatless protein options, veggies I don't usually eat, and to avoid the easy-box-seasoned-sides that I've been using too often. It's not hard to cook and season my own sides, and it'll give me the chance to experiment with fresh herbs and spices.


1. Pick up the phone. I love my family and friends but I'm not great about calling people and keeping in touch as much as I'd like to. This is the time to change that, to call people when I think of them instead of putting it off for no real reason.

So those are the big goals, the ones I hope to tackle this year. The food goals will be hardest by far because I'm a little too picky sometimes, but eating right is important and needs to happen.

Here we go 2012, let's do this thang!


  1. Sounds like some excellent 2012 goals! Maybe you could do a late spring marathon and treat the Big Sur 21 miler as a training run?

    1. I decided to do this after thinking more about your comment. Seattle Rock n Roll in June it is. :)

  2. one of my favorite things is to take a frozen banana, some frozen berries, about a cup & 1/2 of spinach, and a tangerine throw it all in the blender with some high protein low sugar chocolate milk and blend away. It comes out like a milk shake, and is a great way to sneak in a serving of veggies, and get in those bananas you don't like. Just an idea.

    1. I'm definitely going to give this a shot, appreciate the idea!

  3. Such amazing goals! I recommend CIM for your next marathon - flat (relative to SF!) and fast course with amazing crowd support!

    1. Thank you! Decided to do Seattle Rock n Roll for the next one (sooner) but considering CIM too. At least the half for me, full for hubby.

  4. Love the goals! Especially picking up the phone....I am the worst.

    1. Thanks! So far I'm only doing slightly better on the phone thing. Need to step it up...


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