Training Week Four

This was a very low mileage week because we spent the week skiing instead of doing a long run, especially considering that I cross train a lot and am not a high weekly mileage person anyway. It should work out fine - I started training early in order to have a few off weeks during ski season.

Sunday, January 22
Rest after 11 mile run on Saturday

Monday, January 23
Planned: 3 mile run
Completed: 3 mile run + strength
I felt great even though I ran in the dark after work. It was a short run so I added strength and toning exercises for legs and core.

Tuesday, January 24
Planned: Indoor Cycling Class at IPF
Completed: Indoor Cycling Class at IPF
I felt really good and worked hard during class, and we did quite a bit of out of the saddle work. We followed the class with core work as usual. All in all a fantastic night.

Wednesday, January 25
Planned: 6 mile run
Completed: 6 mile run + Vinyasa Yoga
The run was decent, although my legs were feeling Tuesday's biking workout. My pace was slower than last week's 6 miler by 40 seconds per mile. Yoga was an add on to relax and stretch and it did the trick. I'm loving Yoga now.

Thursday, January 26
Planned: Strength Work (Buddy Training Session)
Completed: Strength Work (Buddy Training Session)
Our trainer gave us a great workout this time including quite a bit of cardio. I felt tired after and we squeezed in a lot of exercises in that hour. Whew, just how I like it.

Friday, January 27

Saturday, January 28
Planned: Skiing
Completed: Skiing
We went to Heavenly for the weekend and skied all day Saturday. I took an annoying fall when a kid stopped in front of me at a narrow trail merger and I had to cut of the way - really hard hit to my left shoulder. No fun, that's going to be sore for a few days! The snow was very hard and fast, and icy on Saturday. We still got some good skiing in.

Sad because my shoulder hurt a lot - but the ice pack and beer made up for it!


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