Saturday is Run Day + Ellasport Capri Win

Saturday long runs with my hubby are a highlight to my week. It gives us time to chat, laugh, have fun, and of course to run. I'm so lucky that we both enjoy running and that we can have that time with each other. He's faster than me but willing to take my pace on our together runs, and during the week we do our own workouts.

This past weekend, we ran 12 miles in the downtown areas of San Jose. Let's say this was not a great route at all - not super pretty and way too many stoplights. I enjoyed the part on the Guadalupe River Trail, but we run it a lot so it becomes less interesting after a while. The run itself went great and we both felt good; strangely, I didn't even feel as tired as I usually do.

One fantastic part to my weekend run included my new Ellasport capris. I was lucky enough to win them on a blog giveaway from Bari and they came in the mail just in time for my Saturday run day. My brain told me not to wear new capris for 12 miles, but I didn't listen and did it anyway. And you know what? It was no problem at all!

Because I love them so much, I want to give you a few highlights of my new capris. All opinions are my own and no one asked me to write this, so you get all honesty here. I received the new Power Capri in size medium from Ellasport, and the design is very cute. I like the white accent on the back and the little pink flower on the leg. Can you tell I'm a girly-girl...

Thoughts on design:

Seams - The interesting note about the seam design is that they stick up a little bit (maybe this makes it flat inside?) I like the look and feel and had no chafing issues at all.

Length - I'm tall and the length hit a little below my knee. It was enough that it didn't bother the back of my knee, which sometimes happens with shorter capris. This is good.

Fabric - Perfect. Stretches just enough, not too much. They did not fall down while running AT ALL. Even my favorite Lululemon capris slip a little. When I reached to fix them out of habit, they hadn't moved. Now that I could get used to. They breathed well, wicked sweat, and stayed fab looking for the whole run.

Pocket - The white section in the back is a good size zipper pocket. I didn't use it this time because I carried gels in my water bottle, but it would fit them well if needed. I always prefer the zipper pocket.

Waist - The waist is higher and hits above my belly button, which might be why they stay up so well. I often prefer the higher waist on my running capris and liked this one a lot.

Drawstring - The drawstring is my only 'con.' It's pink (cute touch) and ties. I found it to be a little thick which made the knot more noticeable on my tummy, although not a real problem after I had them on for a while. I prefer drawstrings to be continuous instead of having to be tied (no chance of losing it inside the waistband), but that said I tied it to help the capris stay up anyway.

Overall, I'm so glad I had the chance to try the Power Capri and that I discovered Ellasport. Thanks again to Bari from Live, Laugh, Run, Breathe and Pam from Ellasport for the great experience!


  1. I'm so glad you loved the capris & had a fantastic (although not real scenic) run in them.

    My hubby likes to run with me on Saturdays too, but that's hard for me. He's a bit faster & slows down but I have more endurance for distance & I worry he's going to struggle at the end. Plus, I like the solitude of my long run. Even when we do run together we don't talk. :-)

    1. And thanks again for the giveaway! I'm a happy girl.

  2. Ohh those DO look great! Thanks for the detailed run-down. When I'm ready to buy a new pair, I'll definitely be keeping Ellasport in mind.

    1. Thanks, and you should def consider. I'm a new Ellasport fan.


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