Time For A Break

Yep, I did it. I took a BREAK this weekend. A much needed one. If you happened to see my last post, I mentioned that I had a hard time getting out the door and making it through my 7 mile run on Thursday. I made it, and I'm glad I pushed through it, but I also know that I was feeling burned out. I don't run into this too often so it was frustrating, but taking time off this weekend was important for my body and mind.

I try so hard to stick with the schedule I set and I tend to do a great job. I have the mental stamina to push through a training plan no matter how tired I'm feeling in the middle. This isn't an issue when I'm running half marathons anymore, but I remember feeling the same burnout mid-marathon training in 2010. Luckily, I started ramping up way early to leave myself time for rest and for skiing.

My next two races in March and April are half marathons, and I'm more than ready for those. I'm feeling pumped for the Oakland Half Marathon. The 21-miler for Big Sur should be a good time, and I've hit 14 miles in my long run already so I'll manage it just fine by April 29. I'm writing these thoughts out not just to share, but so I read it myself and realize that I'm totally fine. The Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon isn't until June 23, and that's quite a bit of time away.

So what did I do this weekend instead of a long run? Well, Saturday my hubby and I woke up to a power outage and couldn't make our own coffee. Instead, we took a walk to get Philz Coffee and fantastic croissant sandwiches in downtown San Jose, and then we went wine tasting in Livermore with friends. We especially loved Concannon and the offerings of Petit Sirah. The second place we visited was called Tamas, and I was impressed with the wine and reasonable prices. At Tamas, we added on the port and truffle tasting, enjoying two ports with a cherry chocolate truffle. Wonderful! On Sunday, we had a few friends over for the Oscars, enjoyed food and wine, and relaxed.

I'm not writing a weekly training recap this week because I'm considering this my scaling back week. We'll resume next Sunday with our regularly scheduled training posts.

Cheers everyone, have a fantastic week!


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