Training Week Five

I didn't have great weekday runs this week, but my 12 mile long run on Saturday felt really good. (Phew! I was getting worried there.) I started the Fab Ab February calendar and plan to stick with it and we spent more time in Tahoe. That's going to be a theme for the next few months!

Sunday, January 29
Planned: Skiing
Completed: Skiing
A few more hours of skiing. Sunday conditions were much better than Saturday, so we were glad we stayed and gave it a shot.

Monday, January 30
Planned: 3 mile run
Completed: 3.5 mile run
Felt ok but pretty tired. Decided during this run that maybe I needed a day off soon after lots of weekend activity.

Tuesday, January 31
Planned: Indoor Cycling Class
Completed: Rest
Took the day off. It was a good idea.

Wednesday, February 1
Planned: 6 mile run
Completed: 6 mile run
Fantastic weather, felt generally good but still a little tired and slower than I'd hoped.

Thursday, February 2
Planned: Indoor Cycling Class (since I missed Tuesday)
Completed: 3.25 mile run + Pilates class
I decided to try a new class at our gym and went to Pilates. This class was pretty easy and I didn't get sore, so maybe not for me. The run was still feeling slow but not as bad as earlier in the week. Again, the weather was great! I have no excuse for not going to the cycling class except that I hate lugging my bike and equipment around and decided not to deal with it this week. I'd just rather run, so I did.

Friday, February 3

Saturday, February 4
Planned: 12 mile long run
Completed: 12 mile long run
Run felt good, stayed at a 10:30ish pace which is where I want to be for the long races. Our route wasn't superb because we ran in downtown San Jose through some not so pretty areas, but it did the job. I was happy with the run and how tired I didn't feel for that distance.


  1. Great workout week, even if you didn't get in a spinning class.

  2. Great week! Nice job on the 12 mile run!


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