Training Week Seven

Wow, crazy week! Between the work ski trip and having a visitor, I wore myself out but had a ton of fun along the way. The ski trip was to Squaw Valley and it was timed perfectly with new snow. Wednesday had lots of fresh powder, but I enjoyed Thursday's new groomed snow even more. I spent the rest of the week(end) eating good meals, wine tasting, running, playing tourist, and hiking with my friend.

I've been feeling skeptical about signing up for the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon with everything going on, but I know we have plenty of time before June 23. I just have to stay positive and not let my nerves get to me already. And with that, here's how this week in workouts played out.

Sunday, February 12
Planned: Skiing
Completed: Skiing
We skied the California side of Heavenly. Being the goal-oriented dorks we are, we focused on getting the EpicMix pin for riding the same chair lift 10 times in a row. We succeeded!

Monday, February 13
Rest day after a very active weekend

Tuesday, February 14
Planned: 3 mile run
Completed: 3 mile run
Happy Valentine's Day! My hubby and I went on a short and quick 3 mile run before work. Had to squeeze it in early because we had dinner reservations in the evening. This run made me think I should run in the morning more often, maybe I'll give it another go this week. I'm not a morning person, so we'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, February 15
Planned: Skiing
Completed: Skiing
I got up at 4 am and took the bus with work people to Squaw Valley for our ski trip. This was my first time really skiing Squaw; the only other time I was there, I was brand new to skiing and took a beginner lesson on one green hill. There was fresh powder - finally!

Thursday, February 16
Planned: Skiing
Completed: Skiing
More fun at Squaw Valley, this time with nicely groomed snow. I found Shirley's Chair and enjoyed a number of laps on the blue runs there. It was also a great workout.

Friday, February 17
Planned: Rest
Completed: Tons of walking in SF
Along with my visitor, I played tourist in SF for a day. We walked a ton, rode a hop-on hop-off tour bus a little, and had a great time. The highlight was riding the Powell & Hyde cable car, which I've never taken the time to do before. I took a few lovely pics of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Saturday, February 18
Planned: 14 mile long run
Completed: 14 mile long run
I started the morning feeling unsure of myself and dragging, but the run ended up being wonderful. My body warmed up well and I was strong through the end. I ran with my husband on the Bay Trail fighting wind a lot of the way, so we got a little extra resistance for our training! Yep, the wind felt crazy strong.

I have one last confession for this post: I completely forgot to do my Fab Ab February workouts for 3 days this week. Oh no! I went straight back to it and am getting back on track now, but I feel like a total slacker. This week should be much more normal and I'll be good once I find my routine again.


  1. nice job!! I always think skiing is great for cross training but what do I know!?

  2. Even if you forgot to do the Fab Abs, you really stuck to your plan! Well done!! Sounds like a fun week.


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