Training Week Six

This was another week with skiing, meaning weird workout schedule. But it's so much fun! The main issue with my workouts this week is a debate about biking. I like going to my indoor biking class, but I'm not planning to go to the outdoor sessions in March. The main reason is that my knee still bothers me when I ride, and the second reason is that I want to focus on the marathon. I'm signed up for a duathlon in March but I'm feeling a little skeptical because I haven't ridden outside (and practiced clipping!) since August. We'll see.

Sunday, February 5
Rest after that 12 miler. And a Super Bowl party.

Monday, February 6
Planned: 4 mile run
Completed: 3 miles on Elliptical + Strength
I worked later and it got dark, so I took my workout indoors and watched The Bachelor. I followed the cardio with strength work: Abs (frog crunches, sit ups, plank, lower abs), legs (lunges with weight, single leg squats, side leg raises), push-ups.

Tuesday, February 7
Planned: Indoor Cycling Class
Completed: Indoor Cycling Class
Not a super tough class but still bothered the bursitis in my knee this week. Climbs in and out of the saddle, one leg pedaling drills, short sprints in and out of the saddle.

Wednesday, February 8
Planned: 7 mile run
Completed: 7 mile run
For the first time in a while my run felt amazing! I was very happy at the end and satisfied with my pace of 10:08/mile. My target for the first spring half, Oakland, is 10:15-10:20.

Thursday, February 9

Friday, February 10
Rest, drove to Tahoe after work.

Saturday, February 11
Planned: Lots of skiing
Completed: Even more skiing than planned!
Fun weekend at Heavenly with a visiting friend and my hubby. Saturday conditions were a bit rough and crowded, but we got out to the slopes early on Sunday and had a fantastic day skiing in the California sun. We finished the day with lunch and beer at Steins. I'm going to feel all of the skiing tomorrow when I wake up for work, that's for sure!


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