Reflecting on Goals

It's the end of Q1 2012, and I've been reflecting on my running and fitness goals as outlined in this post. They have mostly been going well, although I might make one major change and drop the sprint triathlon. Here are the details.

1. Complete a sprint triathlon. After my first marathon in 2010, I decided I really, really wanted to change it up and to go for a triathlon. I had high hopes - I bought a nice new road bike, started riding with a cycling training group, and pushed myself to swim. Everything was going great, but last August I ended up with tendonitis in my knee and pes anserine bursitis due to biking and a bad bike fit. I took time off from everything, slowly went back to biking, and started riding on a bike trainer. But alas, this injury still rears its ugly head every time I ride the bike and sometimes when I don't.

To make matters worse, I have to admit that I don't like biking much at all. It's a workout that I have to force myself to do, I don't like riding on the road, and it always feels like a chore to deal with the equipment. Sorry to all the cyclists out there, it's just not for me. I get much more enjoyment and fulfillment from running.

With all of that said, I am re-evaluating this goal and might remove it from my list. I'm not looking at this as a failure, but instead as a need to do things I like and not to force myself to do things I don't enjoy.

2. Complete my second marathon. Training is underway, I ran a great half last weekend, and I'm continuing to increase distance for the full. The target race is the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon on June 23, 2012, and I'm running the Big Sur 21-miler on April 29 as a fun training run. Bring it on!

3. Get back into strength training. This has been going pretty well. I decided to do it on my own, and I've been doing at least one time per week. I'll continue to do this and hopefully add more. I also focused on the Fab Abs February and Mad Abs March workouts to give myself a little direction and a goal. I'm sure they aren't the best ab workouts, but including those in my normal workout isn't bad either and keeps me going.

This weekend I have the Santa Cruz Half and plan to use it as a good supported training run. I had a good time (mentally and literally) in Oakland last weekend, and that was my real 'race' goal for the spring.

  1. Sounds like you have used the first quarter of the year wisely and are doing well!


What are you thinking? Let me know!

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