Training Week Eight

This week felt great after having an exercise break last weekend. I ran my intended weekday mileage and finished up with more fantastic skiing over this weekend. It'll be better for running when ski season is over, but I adore skiing and am not ready to stop yet. I can't believe how wonderful living on the West coast is.

I like my weekly recap post because it keeps me honest and makes me stop to think about my plan versus my actual workouts. This is a ramp up for the Big Sur 21-miler and then the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. I look forward to revisiting my training post-marathon to see what worked and where I felt burned out.

With that, here was my week.

Sunday, February 26
Rest day

Monday, February 27
Planned: 4 miles
Completed: 3.6 miles
Slightly short on my route planning and I didn't extend because it became dark. Felt great after my weekend break.

Tuesday, February 28
Planned: 7 miles
Completed: 7 miles
Nice and cool outside for this run, which I love. I kept my pace at 10:30 and it felt easy enough, close to my goal pace for the half, so I was happy about that. Hopefully race day I can push a little harder.

Wednesday, February 29
Rest day

Thursday, March 1
Planned: 4 miles
Completed: 3.25 miles + strength
Again, I left late and it got very dark on me (silly job, had to leave later.) I followed up the run with a good strength workout focused on core and legs.

Friday, March 2
Rest day (drive to Tahoe!)

Saturday, March 3
Planned: Skiing
Completed: Skiing
Skiing in the beautiful sun. It was so warm outside and the snow was better than it has been all season so far. I skied without my gloves and could have easily lost the coat too if I had somewhere to stash it. I was skiing with a friend who ski patrols/teaches, and along with him I challenged myself on a steeper mogul run and feel great about it. A little confidence boost if you will!


  1. Hi there! Just found your blog through Twitter. Looks like you had a good week! Nice job :)


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