Training Week Nine + Conquering 15 Miles

Yesterday was my 15 mile long run in prep for the Big Sur 21-miler (and eventually Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Full.) Although very slow, it was great and I didn't have any knee pain. That is HUGE for me and I'm so happy! Hopefully that trend will continue.

This week I'm headed to South Lake Tahoe with a friend for my last ski hurrah of the season. I'm excited to use different muscles and to check out new-to-our-pass Kirkwood. Even better, we'll be skiing for St. Patty's Day and making the most of it.

Now, my week in workouts (which by the way, went fabulously.)

Sunday, March 4
Planned: Skiing
Completed: Skiing
Yes, I ski a lot during the ski season. I love it! This day was my most vertical in a day so far this season.

Monday, March 5
Rest after lots of skiing over the weekend

Tuesday, March 6
Planned: 4 miles
Completed: 5 miles + strength
I intended to do 4 miles but ran a bigger loop. It was fabulous outside, so why not? The run was followed by a little strength work, which I try to do at least once a week. I'm sure it should be more but some is better than none, right? My strength workout was focused on Abs and Legs: Push-ups, Abs (frog crunches, side plank); Legs (sumo squats, forward and reverse lunges, side leg lifts.)

Wednesday, March 7
Planned: 7 miles
Completed: None
I went to a going away party for a co-worker and didn't squeeze the run in this time. Pushed it to the next day.

Thursday, March 8
Planned: 4 miles
Completed: 7 miles
It worked out better in my schedule to do my 7 mile run today, and it was beautiful outside. Muscles felt great, although I was tired from staying up way too late. Oh well, I got out there and had a successful run none-the-less!

Friday, March 9

Saturday, March 10
Planned: 15 mile long run
Completed: 15 mile long run
I did it! My hubby and I ran this one together. I felt great from the start but kept it super slow, so the average pace ended up at 11:11/mile. There were a few stop lights and we walked a little to take gels, but otherwise it was running the whole time. I am happy I didn't have knee pain this time and didn't really start feeling fatigued until mile 13. By the time we finished, my right IT band felt very tight but not enough to make me stop.

When we finished, we walked about a half mile to cool down. I was initially sad at how tired I felt post-run - especially knowing that my ultimate goal is 11 more miles past what I had just run - but then I put it in perspective. I remember feeling this tired (if not worse) after my 8 mile runs back in 2009 when training for my first half marathon. To be able to run 15 or more before feeling as tired as those 2009 8 milers is pretty amazing! I've come a long way and need to remember that as I continue training.

And now the highlight of the week - spring forward means more daylight for evening runs. Get out there everyone!


  1. congrats on the 15!! and they will get "easier" (I say that loosely as 15 miles is never really easy) as you do more longer runs!! your body will get more comfortable being in motion for that amount of time. Hope you have another great week next week!

  2. Amen to DST = more evening running time. It will actually be light when Alex gets home and we can take the kids to the part and walk or run!!


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