Trying Out the Hurricane

I've been wanting to alternate a different pair of running shoes my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11, and I anticipated buying the redesigned Saucony Hurricane 14. The new version appeals to me because of the decreased heel-to-forefoot drop. After experimenting with the Altra Intuition, I found I wasn't ready to go zero drop, and I hoped to try a less-dramatic change in the same direction.

Being the data person I am, I went in search of reviews on the Hurricane 14 to help with my decision. I didn't find many reviews on the updated version, but I did find this article and video discussing the main differences between the Hurricane 13 and 14. The doctor in the video made a few good points, enough for me to question going to the Hurricane 14. Instead, I decided to try the old version. I'm very aware that this does me basically no good if I like it and want it later...but I went this route anyway. I can always reevaluate the Hurricane 14 once it's been out longer and reviewed by more runners.

I'm going to back up for a minute to explain why I'm really conscious about what running shoes I buy. Unfortunately, I have bunions on both feet, which have been there since way before I began running. I'm not at a point of needing surgery or being in constant pain when I'm running, but I fear getting to that point and every once in a while I get a little pain under the bunion in my forefoot. I experienced some bunion progression when wearing a lower stability shoe (Asics 3010), a shoe that felt amazing and I thought was going to be my forever shoe. Sadly, after wearing out 3 pairs of that shoe I realized that was not the case.

Now, in trying to prevent more trouble and to give myself peace of mind, I've gone back to the heavier stability shoes and make sure to wear a wide width. Is the the right approach? I'm really not sure. I have asked the question at various running stores and of personal trainers, and the answer is generally yes, stick to a wide stability shoe. I'm still not sure whether to believe that stability wins, but I'm also not willing to take too many chances with minimal or lower stability shoes until I have a good answer.

Back to my run in the Hurricane 13 today. I set out to do between 3 and 4 miles, and from the first step the shoes felt very different from the Brooks Adrenaline, as if I were landing more flat-footed. I also felt slower (I need NO help being slow) and a little clunky. Running felt more normal after a few minutes, but the Hurricane 13 is much more rigid than I'm used to. Here are my main pros and cons.


  • Not the reason to buy shoes, but I like the design and color! All of my wide Brooks shoes end up being blue and I get tired of the same color.
  • Cushioning feels nice overall.
  • The width and bunion window is good for my foot. They fit perfectly, snug in the arch-lock section where they need to be and loose enough at my forefoot.
  • The Hurricane 13 doesn't feel as tapered in the toe as other shoes, which helps fit my foot better.
  • It feels heavy and clunky.
  • The shoe is more rigid than I expected, and I felt flat-footed (perhaps because they don't bend as easily?) This may ease up after a few more runs.
  • The tongue slips to the side even with the laces through the loop, and it is pretty short. I noticed it had slid a lot after my run, but it didn't necessarily bother me during.
The jury is still out on if this will be a new go to shoe for me, but I'm going to give it a shot on my shorter runs for now. If nothing else, I'll be happy to have another pair to alternate. Besides, I can't return them. Kitty is loving his new bed.

  1. If you have a bunion and you need both cushion and stability you may want to try Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11. This shoe is stable, bunion friendly and much more lightweight than Hurricane 13.

  2. Hope the shoe works out as either a new go to shoe or one you can rotate in!


What are you thinking? Let me know!

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