Ragnar Dreaming

I've wanted to run a relay for a while. I often look for fun relays and dream of doing it - like Hood to Coast or a Ragnar event. I never really thought I'd be able to get a team together (i.e. I don't know enough distance runners to take it on) and I had been intimidated by the detailed planning that goes into it. But that all changed this week, and now I'm working on a team for the Napa Valley Ragnar Relay! I couldn't be more excited about it.

This all started with the idea of a corporate team (trying to get sponsored, all work people, etc.) However, I am much happier to now be planning a mixed team of people that I know from various places. It's looking good so far! In theory, I have 6 people who said yes as of today and enough maybes to field the other half if people say yes.

If you aren't familiar with Ragnar or running relays in general, it's basically this: 12 people run 200ish miles, each person running 3 relay legs with breaks in between each one. It starts on Friday and goes overnight. One van of 6 people is the running van, the second van is the resting van, and you alternate between the two. This means a ton of fun running, getting to know people, sleeping in a van, and general craziness! Sounds awesome right?

The Napa Valley Ragnar starts in SF and the first person runs over the Golden Gate bridge into Marin. From there you continue running, through wine country and beautiful California, until you end in Calistoga. With wine.

For now, I have to contain my need-to-sign-up-right-now-I'm-so-excited personality to avoid scaring people away, but I'm ready to go when it's time.

Adding to the excitement today? Runners are in the midst of the SoCal Ragnar event as I write this. I've been following the fun on Twitter, enjoying the banter and photos. It's super hot there and sounds like it's hitting triple digits in places! I wish them all luck, fun, and safety in the crazy temps.

It's pretty hot in San Jose today too, although nothing like in SoCal right now. This weekend is a cut back week for me so I won't have to tough it out for long. How far are you running this weekend?

I'm off to plan Ragnar (ok, really I'm going out to dinner...) Have a great weekend and happy running to all!

  1. Jealous! I wanna run a Ragnar relay, but they don't host a race near where I live. Oh, plus I'm not sure if I have enough runner/athlete friends to pull it off. But I still think it would be super fun!!

  2. That race sounds so exciting!!

    I can't believe how hot it is in San Jose lately. Thank goodness our apartment complex has a pool

  3. New reader here.....Ragnar has just taken over the Cape Relay here in Massachusetts, which I'd previously run twice with a team of teachers from my school. You're going to have so much fun.....can't wait to read your recap!

    1. Thanks Bill, I'm really pumped for this. I'm at 9 people now, getting there!

  4. I'm so glad you are getting a team together, Napa sounds amazing...I am doing Ragnar PA in October but Napa sounds a trillion times better :)

    1. I'm so excited - I bet PA will be awesome too!


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