Training Week Twelve, aka Taper

After the 19 mile long run, this is officially the taper into Big Sur. At this point I'm REALLY wishing I had signed up early for the marathon instead of just the 21 miler, but I'm glad to be part of it anyway. I wasn't feeling ready to sign up for another marathon and hadn't set my 2012 goals yet when the registration opened, and this race sells out fast. I suppose if I like it, I can always go back for the full next year!

I'm also rethinking my training week numbering system. I skipped numbering a few weeks when we were skiing, and it's been more than twelve weeks of training total to get this far. So my numbers were a bad idea - here on out I'll go with something like 'Training Recap' until the marathon on June 23.

Here is a summary of my training (taper) this week.

Sunday, April 15
Rest, much needed after running 19 miles

Monday, April 16
Ditto Sunday!

Tuesday, April 17
Planned: 3 mile easy run
Completed: 3.4 mile easy run
I was so happy running this day! The sun was out, the temp was perfect, and I kept finding myself smiling. The way all runs should feel.

Wednesday, April 18

Thursday, April 19
Planned: Strength
Completed: Strength
I used the outdoor fitness area at work because the gym was crowded and it was fabulous outside. Cardio 2x (mountain climbers, burpees, jumping jacks); Abs 2x (plank, scissor kicks with hip raise, obliques, frog crunches); Legs 2x (one-leg squats, forward & reverse lunges, squats, calf raises); Arms 2x (push-ups, modified pull-ups, tricep dips, shoulder press, pec fly, deltoids.)

Friday, April 20
Planned: 4 mile run
Completed: Rest
My body must have been tired because the Thursday workout made my quads and glutes seriously sore. I didn't do anything that should have resulted in such bad soreness, but it did. Instead, I had an hour massage to work on the tight muscles. Ahhh.

Saturday, April 21
Planned: 5 mile run
Completed: 5 mile run
It was at least 85 degrees and I felt like I was back in the Chicago marathon 2010. I stuck it out and did a slow 5 miles, sucking down quite a bit of Nuun along the way. Body felt good and I was happy even in the heat.

I had a lot of extra rest this past week, and that will look similar this week. I'm looking forward to Big Sur and have felt ready, so I hope it goes well. If nothing else, it'll be beautiful scenery and a fun weekend away with my hubby!


  1. Rest up and get ready for a great race! What a beautiful place to run. Best wishes!

  2. great training week, are SOOOOOOO ready for Big Sur! And I'm very a former Californian, I miss the coast, and hope to run Big Sur someday. Have fun!

  3. Sounds like you are ready to go!!!

  4. Good Luck on the Big Sur 20-miler this weekend! Big Sur is on my list so I'm excited to hear about it!

  5. Good luck on the race! It looks like a beautiful place to run :)

  6. Good luck!!

    This weekend the weather was BRUTAL! Good on you for getting in your Saturday run in anyway.

    Can't wait to read about Big Sur!

  7. Big Sur is on my bucket list. Can't wait to hear all about it! Get after it!

  8. Have a great day out there


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