A Kitten Named Willow

Warning: This post is not about running. It is about our new kitten, Willow, who is sweet as can be. Everyone likes kitten pictures, right? Enjoy the photos!

New spot on the couch.

Big eyes.

Is this my pillow? Because I'm claiming it.

Does this pink feather toy make me look cuter?

Made it to the top on my first night here!

I love the fluffy down comforter.

Ok I'm done, but I had to share my exciting new kitten weekend with you all!


  1. So cute.

    And SO Hard to take a picture of a black cat!


  2. I love the pic with the pink feathers! SOOO cute!

  3. She's so cute!!! I will NOT be showing this post to my daughter who seems to think our almost 14 year old cat needs a playmate. :)

  4. now i want a kitten!! so cute!!

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