Weekly Recap - June Week 2

My next marathon is on Saturday - it's race week baby! I'm so pumped to go to Seattle, to meet up with bloggers and Twitter friends, and to run my second marathon. It's hard to believe the day is almost here because it feels like I've been waiting forever. Hubby and I head out after work on Thursday evening, so we'll be at the expo on Friday and then have rest time. I love that this is a Saturday race. We'll have Sunday to sleep in and chill, then we head to Mt. Rainier National Park for a bit of relaxation. Vacation here we come.

Here's to the last 'long' run before Seattle RnR. We made it through training!

Now for the week. I had a good taper week and took it pretty easy.

Sunday, June 10
Planned: Rest
Completed: 20 minutes Elliptical + Abs
I took 4 days off from running in a row, this day being number 4, and I was going stir crazy. I did an easy 20 minutes on the Elliptical and some Ab work to perk myself up. The 4 day break from running was very good for my right-foot stuff though, so I suppose it was worth the mental struggle.

Monday, June 11
Planned: 3 mile run
Completed: 3.3 mile run + Abs
Went out for an easy 3, but calves were super tight so I stopped at a bench to stretch a little after mile 1. Things improved, but still not a fantastic one. Apparently my calves didn't like that 4 day run break either!

Tuesday, June 12
Planned: 3 mile run
Completed: 3.1 mile run
Hubby and I met up with the Running Revolution group and ran the Los Gatos Creek trail from Rock Bottom Brewery. This is a great group - after the run, everyone gets together at a big table outside and shares pitchers of beer and appetizers. I've already met a lot of cool people and I've only gone a couple of times! The run felt good too, no tightness and kept the pace around 9:45 while feeling comfortable.

Wednesday, June 13
Planned: Core Chaos Class
Completed: Core Chaos Class
Good class with Liza as always! I'm not getting nearly as sore as I did when I first started attending, which is either good because I'm getting stronger or bad because I'm not pushing enough. I'm not sure which. However, I still feel like I'm working hard and am exhausted after class.

Thursday, June 14

Friday, June 15

Saturday, June 16
Planned: 8 miles
Completed: 7.8 miles
Boy was this a hot one! Temps in the South Bay were a ton higher than normal and we felt it big time. We ran along Los Gatos Creek trail again from the elementary school, and everyone we saw looked like they were having a rough time in the heat. It's usually so mild here that we are all spoiled, and I seem to have adjusted to the mildness in the last year too. It was still a good run, we took it slow and drank lots of Nuun along the way. The thermometer on the car, which was sitting in the sun, said 93 degrees when we got back!

After the run, we headed to SF for beer at Monk's Kettle and American Idiot the Musical. Monk's Kettle has a fantastic beer list - here I am with my Denogginizer from Drake's Brewing, a double IPA. Yum.

We had a cute photo op with the American Idiot backdrop on the way into the theater. I first saw the show on Broadway and loved it (I'm a huge Green Day fan.) I had to take the husband back to see it when it came to SF.

With that, it's time to focus on RACE WEEK. Here we go...


  1. I had a hot sweat run this morning too...the cool Seattle air is going to be fabulous!!! You are going to rock it lady!

  2. So excited for you guys!

    I checked the extended forecast on weather underground and it looks good. No rain 53/62F, partly cloudy. If that holds
    it will be perfect! Crossing fingers!

    1. Thanks! Weather still looking pretty good...I can handle rain as long as temps stay down too!

  3. That show is definitely on my list. Now enjoy this week and do your best not to go too crazy before the marathon!

    1. Thanks Emily! I'm so excited and also nervous, haha. Try not to go crazy is accurate.

  4. You are going to smoke it! Congrats on making it through the training schedule. The hard part is over. Trust in your training and the race day is just repeating what you've done and learned. Gte it girl!

    1. Thanks! Trust in the training - that's what I keep telling myself too.

  5. Congrats on all having all the hard work done- you are ready! Try to relax and enjoy it as much as possible!

  6. Woo hoo! Good luck on Saturday! I know you'll do great! We'll have to celebrate over beers when you return!

  7. Good luck Paulette!!! I know you will rock it:)


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