Goals: Halfway Point of 2012

What?! 2012 is absolutely flying by and I can't believe it's already July. As I outlined my goals for this year in a January post, it's only fitting that I check in at the halfway point.

Running & Fitness

1. Complete a sprint triathlon: Not Likely. As I mentioned in my quarterly goal check in, this one hasn't been going so well due to the biking injury last August. My knee continues to bother me when I ride so I haven't been training on the bike for months. I love running, and I just don't want to end up with more injuries that make my fall running season less enjoyable. I have a feeling this one will be a miss unless something changes drastically.

2. Complete my second marathon: Done! I ran Seattle Rock 'n' Roll on June 23 and it went much better than my first marathon. Check out the race report here. I'm so glad I went for number 2. And in December? I'll be running marathon number 3 at California International Marathon, going for that sub-5 hour goal.

3. Get back into strength training: Done! I began working out with Integrate Performance Fitness again, which is the road biking group I rode with last summer, this time in the strength classes. I love the group of people, the instructors, and the support. The group is almost entirely comprised of endurance athletes so everyone really understands each other. As an added bonus, I was featured in the IPF community spotlight this week!


1. Learn to eat bananas: Not started. I know this sounds silly, but I really don't like bananas and I want to like bananas. I mean, they are the food served along marathon courses (campaign to swith to oranges anyone?) and are super healthy. Now if only I could force them down. I did start drinking smoothies made with bananas, maybe that'll turn into something...

2. Find new healthy recipes: Good progress. I've done well here by trying new recipes, thinking more about what we are eating, and even eating less meat. We've never been really bad at eating healthy but I was definitely in a cooking rut earlier this year. I still have those all-I-want-is-pizza days and a huge sweet tooth, but I balance it well and cook almost always. The most interesting change? I discovered that I love tofu. I don't mind not eating meat as long as I have good protein sources. And the vegan restaurant near our condo that I would never have gone to a year ago? It has awesome tofu stir fry and a fantastic beer selection!


1. Pick up the phone (for friends and family): Not so good. I stil find that I get home from work and crash, and I don't talk to friends and family on the phone as much as I truly wish I did. Time to focus more on this one.

So far in 2012, not bad at all. I can do this!


  1. I kind of want to do a triathlon someday, but I really, really don't like going fast on a bike! :) I'd rather just cruise along, happy as can be!!

    Your banana goal cracks me up! I have a supervisor like that. Once we both got the same strawberry spinach salad at lunch, and I said, "Mmm, this looks so good! I love spinach!" He said, "You do? I hate spinach!" Turns out, he forces himself to eat stuff he doesn't like all the time because it's healthy. It made me grateful that I like a good variety of healthy foods and only have to force foods down when I'm a guest in someone's home for dinner!

    1. Ditto the bike sentiment - my road bike scares me. I could ride a townie around for a long time though...

  2. i used to hate bananas too-and i am still picky about them. i don’t love banana flavored things-other than banana pudding of course :) and the only way i will eat a banana is if it is really ripe. i hate when they are brown. too mushy. do you ever you cooking light?? it is my go-to for quick, healthy recipes. and they even have “light” options for higher fat favs. your 1/2 way is looking good!!

    1. Thanks! So there IS hope for the banana goal...I should start with really ripe but not brown ones!

  3. Looks like you're chipping away at those goals nicely! Wow youve got some great races coming up.

  4. Have you tried mashing up bananas in plain yogurt? I really like that.


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