Recovery Recap & Oiselle Meet Up

Seattle RnR Marathon was two weeks ago, and recovery is going well. I told myself I'd take it easy for a week and then start building back to normal mileage. As much as I wanted to race a 4th of July 5K or do a 10+ mile run, I stuck to my recovery plan. You would think taking time off would be easy, but it is so mentally challenging that I can't stand it! I start to worry about everything, like if my endurance will disappear right away or if I'll be able to get back to pre-marathon paces (I was enjoying those regular sub-10s.) I'm putting both recovery weeks together in this post; week one is really light.

My first recovery week, after returning from easy hiking in Mt. Rainier National Park, looked like this.

Wednesday, June 27
Planned: Core Chaos class at IPF
Completed: Core Chaos class at IPF
We had a substitute because the normal instructor was off at her day job - being a professional cyclist and racing in Italy. Pretty sweet, huh? The substitute did a very different class, focusing on slow movements for the core. It felt very Pilates based with a little bit of Yoga thrown in. Honestly, it was nice to have an easy workout after my super active vacation.

Thursday, June 28
Planned: Attempt running
Completed: 2.25 miles
Aside from feeling overall fatigue, I felt much better than I expected. It was fantastic to get back outside and to enjoy a run along the Bay Trail. It was extra slow and involved some walking and stretching.

Saturday, June 30
Planned: 4 miles
Completed: 4 miles
This run felt very slow and sluggish. I know it takes longer than a week (or two, or three...) to recover from a marathon, but my brain wanted to feel good again right away. The most fun of this run was going by the gymnastics trials in San Jose and seeing the men gymnasts outside signing autographs.

The second recovery week went much better and I'm finally feeling more like myself. I even sped up the long run a little compared to the last few and felt good doing it. I can't even tell you how happy I was after Saturday's run! Runner's high, hello again.

Tuesday, July 3
Planned: Run until I feel good
Completed: 6.3 miles
As you see above, my only plan for the day was to log some miles and to be happy doing it. I had a long slow warm up feeling until about mile 4.5, and finally I settled into a happy place. That was what I needed to find. I kept making turns to add distance until I decided I should call it a day.

Wednesday, July 4
Planned: 4 miles
Completed: 4 miles
I didn't sign up for a 4th of July race, but my hubby and I got in a nice run on our own. We explored the San Jose rose gardens on Taylor Street and finished on the Guadalupe River Trail. My Tuesday run helped my head get back in the game, so this was a great time.

I wore a new outfit this day, and I have to show the back of this tank; the white piping detail is awesome. Cute running clothes make me so happy!

Simplicity tank & Indigo Distance shorts (shorts from my Oiselle team kit)

New kitten is fascinated by the Stick and watches the whole time.

Thursday, July 5
Planned: Strength Class at IPF
Completed: Strength Class at IPF
This was a new class for me because I went to the 7 am (normal evening class on Wednesday was cancelled for the holiday.) I learned to do Turkish get ups and swings with the kettlebell which I've always wanted to try. I thought it would leave me super sore, but I wasn't really sore at all.

Friday, July 6
Planned: Rest
Completed: 3.5 mile run
I was off from work and bored, so I went running.

Saturday, July 7
Planned: 8 mile run
Completed: 8 mile run
I was so happy to get a longer run in again, and it was even at a pretty good pace. We went to the Sawyer Camp Trail in San Mateo and enjoyed views of the reservoir during the run. The trail had nice shaded spots, a bonus because it was over 80 degrees.

Saturday evening, I met up with two Oiselle team ladies, Meggie and Sandra, for dinner in Mountain View. Meggie is temporarily visiting and Sandra lives in the Bay Area. It's so great to meet other team members!

Me, Meggie, and Sandra

This week I'm off to visit family in Ohio and to spend quality girl time with college friends. I'm so excited for both!


  1. Replies
    1. St. Clairsville, small town near Wheeling, WV.

  2. I like your Tuesday goal of running until you feel good. :) Sounds like you're recovering nicely! Hope you're having fun in Ohio.

  3. How cool that you got to meet up w/ other Oiselle ladies! I'm jealous! But--I just saw you are running CIM--me too so I will see you then!

    I am really about marathon recovery. I seem to blow it every time, even though I know better! Sounds to me like you're doing a good job of it.

    Oh and where in Ohio? I grew up there (near Akron) and still have family back there.

  4. It was so great to meet you!!! And I LOVE your kitten! Mario (my bunny) just gets in the way when I'm trying to foam roll. Don't need a flattened rabbit :)


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