Weekly Recap - August Week Two

I'm not very timely with my training recaps lately, but better late than never. Everytime I consider skipping I remember that I like to look back on training and then I write it. Nothing too memorable happened last week, but I am trying to increase my weekly mileage for marathon training again. And boy is my appetite coming back with it...that eat-all-the-things feeling is all too familiar and I'm not anywhere near my longer long runs yet. Should be interesting...

Sunday, August 12

Monday, August 13
Planned: 3 miles
Completed: 3 miles
I worked from home in San Jose this day and ran at lunch; boy was it hot. This one was a struggle but I got it done.

Tuesday, August 14
Planned: 5 miles
Completed: 5 miles
Run club night at Rock Bottom Brewery is always a fun one. Hubby and I headed down early to run for longer than the club usually does, then we met up with everyone afterwards as normal.

Wednesday, August 15
Planned: Core Class
Completed: Core Class + Sand Volleyball
I had a sand volleyball game with my work team and we won! Go team Sandy Feet. Lots of running around in the sand for this game, it was hard fought against a well-matched team. Core Class immediately followed the game and it was a standard class. I added more weight to my squats and lunges because I wasn't getting sore anymore. We did the push-up challenge at the end again, super hard. (3 mins total, 20 seconds on/10 seconds rest, repeat for 3 minutes.)

Thursday, August 16
Planned: 3 miles
Completed: 4.5 mile hill repeats
Warm up for 1.25 miles, hill repeats x8, cool down. Uphill paces were: 8:28, 8:34, 8:12, 8:25, 8:12, 8:45, 8:39, 8:43. I was very happy with this as my goal for the uphill pace was to stay under 9 minutes and I did! Legs were definitely wanting out of the game by the last two though.

Friday, August 17

Saturday, August 18
Planned: 10 miles
Completed: Rest
We went to our wine club member picnic at Casa Nuestra in St. Helena and planned to trail run in a park that afternoon. We were prepared with clothes, water, etc, but it was 90 degrees. Not happening. We enjoyed Napa and went to a couple of wineries to taste instead, then did the long run on Sunday. Check out the wine club picnic highlights below!

 This winery has pet goats. Also, look how well Oiselle stripey run shirt goes with a skirt...

 Picnic with wine...and root beer floats.

A little view of the vineyards.

The end, have a great week - and Just Keep Running!


  1. I need a brewery run club!!!!!!! that sounds so fun!

    1. I definitely love the brewery run club...good find. :)

  2. I think I also need a brewery run club. There are seriously 8 breweries in town - NOT including Rock Bottom!

    1. The brewery run club really is awesome. Start one!


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