Ragnar Napa In Photos

As promised, photo fun from Ragnar Napa.

Energized to begin the Ragnar journey.

Julie is energized too. (Photo Credit: Eddie)

No pants needed at the Start area.

Poniest Ponies. These guys were hilarious the whole time. (Photo credit: Eddie)

Aaaahhhhh I'm running! (Photo credit: Eddie)

Android resemblance? (Photo credit: Eddie)

Van 1 ladies at Helen's house on the break. 

Hell on Heels. Hell of a name, heels on the van. Oh yes.

We got tagged by the 'Your Mom' team. Ha.

This team has my initials, I should be on it.

And I quote myself: "That was kind of a b*tch."


Where Brandon landed after his jumping photo. In a ditch.

We're Feeling Lucky. Suggested name for next year: We're Getting Lucky.

Waiting on Van 2 at the finish. 


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