Unwarranted Training Doubts

Do you ever have doubts in your abilities and feel like your training is just way off? I think we all do, and I had one of those weeks. By the end of Ragnar, I was feeling awful with a sore throat and congestion. We got home around 11 pm after dropping off vans Saturday night, and from then I basically crashed until Monday night. I haven't felt this sick in quite some time and it was no fun at all! I finally dragged myself out of bed to have a video conference meeting with my manager on Monday late afternoon and stayed sitting up for a few hours for dinner. I worked the rest of the week even though I didn't feel great, and by Friday evening I was finally feeling pretty good.

Throughout the whole week my brain kept saying - hey, you need to train for a marathon. Get your butt moving. Get your mileage in. But it wasn't happening, I had zero energy or appetite and it was all I could do to finish the work day. I started worrying about missing so many runs, losing fitness, and just overall not being able to run again (extreme and ridiculous, I know.) By Friday I had myself so worked up about it that I was almost afraid to even try running because I expected the worst.

I did it anyway, Kevin and I set out for an unknown see-how-I-feel distance on Friday evening which ended up being 2.8 miles. And you know what? I was FINE. I worried all week for nothing. I'd even say that five days of no run, no workout was good for my body because I felt rather refreshed. Taking planned time off can be so mentally challenging that I don't tend to do it. This time my body made me, and I'd say I'm better for it. I need to remember this in the future - a few days off to rest really won't be the end of the running world!

Happy to be in run clothes, skeptical about the first run back.

After realizing training will be ok, I decided not to push the long run yesterday and instead to enjoy an easy 6 mile run in SF. Kevin and I ran the Golden Gate Bridge both directions, then went down into the Marina along the water for a little bit. The weather was gorgeous, sunny and windy but not cold.

This week I'll slowly get back into my training plan and see how things go. I've been thinking lately that I want to focus more on speeding up my half marathon than training for the full, so I may not end up pushing my weekly mileage as high as I'd hoped before CIM. That said, I'll make sure to get in enough long runs to be prepared; I just might not shoot for three 20 milers like I'd planned.

I added the Nike Women's Half Marathon to my schedule when they opened spots this week - my friends are running their first full and I planned to go cheer. Why not run a distance I'd run that weekend anyway and get the Tiffany bling? I'm sure I'll go crazy with the logistics and crowdedness like I did last year, but at least this year I know going in that it's not a race to go for time, it's a race to enjoy.


  1. We all have off days/weeks. You can't let those get to you. Happens to all of us. I'm sure your body is tired from Ragnar... that's a lot of miles and a busy sched!

    Good news is Nike added corrals this year... so hopefully there won't be the congestion like in the past!

    Maybe I will see you there!

  2. Nike Women's Half is going to be in DC in the spring. I DESPERATELY want in. We'll see how it goes.

    I get the doubts though. This entire round of training has been that way for me, but I am hoping that I have been working hard, and it will all pay off in Columbus in 4 weeks.

    1. I hope you get in! The finisher swag is great. :) Good luck with the rest of training, it's almost time for Columbus.

  3. Sometimes we are FORCED to take time off...as hard as it is, and we often ask "why?" we need to listen to our body and enjoy those days of rests. It's amazing how refreshed we can feel once we'e healthy and back at it again. And have fun at the Nike Women's Marathon...that was my first full and loved it! And a PR was easy to attain for marathon #2 :)

  4. I'm sure once you feel better you'll be able to add more mileage no problem!

  5. I think we all need breaks from time to time. It took us so long to have this strong base of fitness, so I think you are so wise to tell yourself it's OK to take a week or even two off. Your fitness will not go away and you may even come back stronger, faster and more refreshed.
    Glad you got into Nike Women's half... sounds like an incredible race. Have a great week!

    1. Really good point, it takes a long time to build it up and probably won't go away so fast! I definitely feel more refreshed.

  6. Great post Paulette! I totally know how you feel and I think that break was probably exactly what you needed to keep your training up!

    1. Thanks, I know it's good but it's so hard.....


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