Who Is Ready for Napa Ragnar?

Team We're Feeling Lucky is ready - we have vans, decorated them all nice, and packed all the things. The team is pumped up and ready to run! Here's a little packing and van decorating fun in photos. If you want to follow our team progress, check out our Google Plus event party page or follow me on Instagram or Twitter as @paulettezf.

Checklist and team shirts, ready.

Packed in organized zip locks. Perfect to keep sweaty post-run clothes away from clean ones. 

Van pick-up. Surprise, they are silver! We got the fancy vans.

Stenciling the logo (yep, we have a Google team.)

 Writing names and checkboxes with our little Androidify people.

 One side of Van 1.

 Kevin and my Androidify likeness. I love cardigans and boots.

 From the back, complete with little LED lights to find our vans in darkness.

Happy Ragnar Weekend to us! What are you up to this weekend?


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