January SF Marathon Blog Post

I know I'm slow on the blogging front lately - but don't worry, I'm out having fun! Kevin and I spent this past weekend skiing at Heavenly and enjoying ski runs that didn't even open last year due to lack of snow. Luckily, Tahoe has a great base already this season. I'll make sure to post a few gorgeous skiing photos in the next few weeks because we'll be heading to Tahoe quite a bit.

In other exciting news this week, I wrote my very first guest post for the San Francisco Marathon Blog. The post is about how discovering social running enhanced my running life - check it out! Feel free to leave comments on it here if you like.

This is a short one because the main post is on the SF Blog, but I leave you with one piece of inspiration from my commute to work last week.

Happy Wednesday all, and stay in motion even when times get tough!


  1. That is a pretty fun truck to see on your way to work!

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