It's SF Marathon Sign-Up Time

Have you signed up for your favorite San Francisco Marathon event yet? If not, it's your lucky day! My Ambassador discount code for $10 off registration is active until March 15, and prices also go up March 15. Use the code today to get the benefit of both lower prices and the extra discount.

Here's the magic code: DSC10AMBPF2013

The SF Marathon events include the 1st Half Marathon, the 2nd Half Marathon - yes, you can pick which half - the full Marathon, and a 5K. Check out the fun multi-year options like the Half it All Challenge and the 52 Club for extra bling.

Why should you sign up for this event? Picture yourself running in perfect, cool weather over the Golden Gate Bridge, in one of the most awesome cities there is. That's why you should sign up. If you haven't experienced running in SF yet, I highly recommend giving it a shot. I'd be surprised if you didn't love it as much as I do! Browse my 2012 race report for more details on the event.

Happy running everyone!


  1. Awww, man. Just signed up last night. Bummer!

  2. Love the new blog header, Paulette! So cool you get to share a discount with everyone for the SF marathon!

  3. Blog header is NICE!

    RE: SFM...Sorry:

    IT IS TOO CROWDED. First half and second half halfers..BLECH. The bridge is a mess.


    I prefer to spend my training time and money someplace else.

    Just sayin' Ms. Ambassador. Report back to your superiors. ;)

    1. Well, not much I can say because I really do love it, I didn't have any crowd issues starting up in corral 3. Compared to Nike Women's, Chicago and Disney, it's rather roomy! It was my first half and it holds a special place for me. :) Thanks on the blog header!

    2. I like seeing the city but last time I ran it (2010) it was just so crowded on the bridge. I also just do NOT like races with second half halfers. Just when you are getting into your game you have the people streaking around you at HM pace.

      I do give kudos for the post-race food that year: scones and smoothies. Not bat at all.

      Congrats on the DNS changes. I have thought about that but not gotten to it. AFAICT it seems to be working fine ')

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