Weekly Recap - April Week 1

This was my first 'official' week of following the Hanson half marathon plan. The biggest thing I noticed from my last two long runs were that the recovery runs felt awesome. And even stranger? My calves didn't hurt (knock on wood) like they usually do. I always ran less days because of recovering the calves, and perhaps that isn't the answer at all. We'll see as this continues to develop. I thoroughly enjoy having more easy days and a couple of hard days.

My one big concern about this plan, which I discovered and really thought about after reading the book, is that they recommend not racing (much) during a training plan. Yes they were talking about the marathon, but I think their idea means set one goal race in general. If you know me or read this blog, you know I like to do races - a lot - so that won't really fit my personality well. I'll work the races I want to do into the schedule, hopefully not to the detriment of training.

Monday, April 1
Planned: 5 mile tempo
Completed: 5 miles total, 2 miles at tempo pace

As I don't do tempo runs, I figured I'd see how my body handled a couple of miles before going all out. You have to start somewhere, right? I ran 1 mile warm up, 1 tempo mile, 0.5 recovery, 1 tempo mile, rest of the 5 miles as cool down. I held my 9:00 min/mile target pace well in the tempo miles and came out with an average pace of 9:48 overall even with the slower miles, so I'm content.

Tuesday, April 2
Planned: Barre class
Completed: Barre class

This was a rest day from running, and I went to the barre class at work.

Wednesday, April 3
Planned: Speed Workout
Completed: Track Pyramid

Pyramid workout (recovery in parentheses). 100m (100m), 200m (100m), 400m (200m), 800m (400m), 400m (200m), 200m (100m), 100m (100m). Started to repeat because had more time, but only got to 400m + recover. 

Felt pretty good, but the temperature was also warm so my times were slightly slower than usual. 200m times 55s, 53s, 55s; 400m times 1:53, 1:59, 1:53; 800m time 4:01. That said, my times are faster than suggested in the Hanson paces so maybe I even need to run them slower.

Thursday, April 4
Planned: 6 miles easy
Completed: 0 miles

I needed to drop a day from the schedule this week to make sure I didn't increase mileage too fast, partly because of the half on Saturday, and this was the day.

Friday, April 5
Planned: 5 miles easy
Completed: 5 miles easy

Ran the Guadalupe River trail at lunch time and had great weather. Stayed at easy pace, felt amazing. This was a great shake out for the half.

Saturday, April 6
Planned: 10 miles
Completed: 13.1 miles

This was the Golden Gate Headlands Trail half marathon and it was great! Unfortunately the views were nonexistent because of rain and fog, but it was still magical. Nothing like muddy, misty, peaceful trail running. I love the laid back and fun feeling of trail events. Race report to come.

Sunday, April 7
Planned: 6 miles recovery
Completed: 3 miles recovery

Recovery run with 3 very slow miles. I'm surprised how much I've been liking the recovery runs. Even when I wake up stiff and think there's no way I should run, it feels so much better after I start. I dropped the distance, again to cut some overall weekly mileage as I ramp up.

Total for the week: 30.8 miles


  1. I had a concern with the not racing very much as well, but I modified the races and ran them as training runs sticking them to be prescribed times. It REALLY REALLY helped me run my own race as it taught me to be more focused on my own running rather than trying to beat other runners.

    1. This is so good to know - really appreciate your comments. So helpful!

    2. I do this same thing with the Hanson plan. I've entered races, but treated them as part of the training so it's been a while since I've RACED but I think I've gained a LOT from being in a race atmosphere and focusing inward on the purpose I set out to accomplish. I came within 40 seconds of my half marathon PR while doing a Marathon Pace run (although after 11 mi on pace, I decided to kick it up and finish a little harder) and it was very successful mentally too, to allow people to go, and do my own thing. Running a 10k this weekend (swapped out Tuesday Strength session for the run) so I won't be PR-ing but I will get to run a solid run instead of trudging in the back trying to run easy and getting caught up. I don't do it OFTEN but I definitely make some switches.


  2. I love your header picture!

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  5. Solid week. I'm excited to see how Hanson's works out for you.

  6. Great week! I am going to need to read this book I think, once it is time for more heavy duty training again!

    1. I'm loving the book! Even if I can't quite hit the speed work distances yet because of mileage totals, I figure I can work up to it and I love the strategy.

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  8. I have only run the Guadalupe River trail in the northern part. I haven't braved anything near or south of the airport, but have always been curious about it.

    I am crazy sore from yesterdays 1/2 and am wondering it a recovery run would help. It'd be interesting to try, but I can barely get out of my chair without cringing. haha.

    1. The airport part is good! I'm so glad they paved most of it out to Alviso now too.

  9. Ah...I would love to be able to run this much! I'm planning out a strategy for my next race using only 3 days of running because of my tendinitis. But here's hoping that someday I'm recovered enough that I can run more than 3 days in a week!


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