Weekly Recap - April Week 3

I'll eventually get back to doing these on Sunday nights, but for now I'm still running behind. Lots of fun this week from spectating at Boston to a great half marathon deal! That said, I backed off the mileage on a number of my runs this week and that wasn't entirely planned. I knew I needed to drop a few miles to ramp up more slowly than the plan, but it was a weird week after traveling and I was struggling to get through it all. Sometimes plans change, and I can't let myself stress about that.

Monday, April 15
Planned: Rest
Completed: Boston Marathon spectating

I don't think this 'rest' day was much of a rest day due to the jumping, cheering, and even running from place to place. For more on my experience with everything in Boston, check out this post.

Tuesday, April 16
Planned: 6 miles
Completed: 4.3 miles

After the previous day I was pretty tired and dehydrated, and when I started out I had a bad side cramp. It didn't feel like my normal rib-issue side cramp either, it was the standard kind. It was easy to tell my body wasn't doing well so I cut the run a short.

Wednesday, April 17
Planned: 5 miles with speed work
Completed: 4.06 miles with speed work

Track night! I love meeting the group, even when I feel the post-work blahs before I get there I have a great time. We did the workout we call 5-4-3-2-1 hill repeats: 5 hill repeats + core exercises + 400m, 4 hill repeats + core exercises + 400m, and so on. The core exercises are push ups, rock the baby, squats. This is one of my favorite group workouts because it has so much variety.

Thursday, April 18
Planned: 5 miles
Completed: 3.3 miles

Super hot day. I needed to do an easy run so I ran up and down the Vista Slope by work. I love the little dirt trails there.

Friday, April 19
Planned: 6 miles
Completed: 4.1 miles

I didn't want to run at all, but Kevin convinced me to go out for a few miles after work. It was still hot but not so bad, and we had a great run together. I was still feeling super tired though.

Saturday, April 20
Planned: 5 miles
Completed: 3 miles

Cut another one short because I was tired, but I only wanted the shakeout for the long run anyway. Nothing special here.

Sunday, April 21
Planned: 13.1 miles
Complete: 13.1 miles

I bought a Zozi deal to run the Silverado Half Marathon for $35, and although I was tired I decided to run it anyway as a training run. I told myself no racing, only long run pace, and I stuck to it so I'm proud of myself! It's hard to not 'race' when you are in an actual road event. My usual side pain came back although not as bad as usual, and it was a really hot and exposed course, so I was much happier to stick to a training pace that day. I'm working with a physical therapist on the side pain issue because it's muscular; hopefully it keeps improving.

The race overall was a fun time, mostly because we had friends there and I love running by vineyards. We did an out and back on Silverado Trail from Calistoga, starting and finishing at the high school. The race was put on by Envirosports and they aren't my preferred company, but overall they did a good job with the event.

Start line with Natalie. Yay diamond rogas!

Medal, back at our cute hotel in downtown Calistoga.

Reward: cheeseburger and beer at Bear Republic. Yum.

Race stuff. The shirts are...pretty ugly.

Total for the week: 31.86 miles

Again, I didn't add as much mileage this week as I hoped but sometimes plans change. I'll get there! A couple of miles increase at a time, slowly but surely.


  1. Yes, slowly but surely! :) That half marathon sounds like it was awesome :)


    1. It was a fun course! Great training run, would be a great race if I'd been going that route too.

  2. Always good to run races at reduced speed....gets you used to them and makes it a relaxed affair on the day its' supposed to count.

    Good to not be a drama queen on race day ;)

    1. So true. Running more races really has helped the nerves.

  3. Yes, the shirts are not good...but at least the medal is kinda cute? :) Glad we did this together!

  4. That's a nice little medal :) I haven't run by vineyards yet, but truly do sometime soon.

    You'll get back into your groove soon!


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