Training Recap - May Week 2

The week after the Eugene Half Marathon was an easy recovery week, which my body needed following a mileage peak and a race. Last week I went back to planned workouts and have been feeling good, although a bit tired. The Hanson half marathon plan is definitely a butt kicker for me, and I'm not hitting the full mileage yet. I might have to admit I need more time to build a base or that it's not right for me, but I haven't quite decided yet. More on that in another post!

Monday, May 6
Planned: Speed Work at the track
Completed: 4.65 miles (Short hill repeats + 400m workout)

We call it the 5-4-3-2-1 hill workout for short. Basically, 5 short hill repeats + push-ups, squats, oblique twists + 400m, 4 short hill repeats + push-ups, squats, oblique twists + 400m, and so on. This is one of my favorite workouts because it combines so many different things. We did the usual warm up, drills, and post-run core work too.

Tuesday, May 7
Planned: Barre class
Completed: Barre class

Nothing specific to report, although we did this glute exercise called 'the Pretzel.' It's so hard but so good.

Wednesday, May 8
Planned: Speed Work at the track
Completed: 5.7 miles (4x 1K repeats)

My first time doing 1K repeats was awesome! I always thought it was an odd distance when I read about people doing it, but for some reason it worked for me. We actually did these back and forth on the straight section and it gave me something to count (maybe I liked them because I was preoccupied?) Again, we did our warm up, drills, and post-run core work. Considering how much I fear 800m repeats, I'm happily surprised that this was so fun.

Thursday, May 9
Rest day

I took advantage of this rest day my new iPhone! I decided to split my personal phone from my work phone, and in doing this I needed to buy a new phone. Even though I was ok with my Galaxy Nexus and Google experience Android OS, the phones have just gotten way too big. I'm absolutely loving the iPhone, both the small, gorgeous hardware and iOS. Know of any iPhone apps I should have?

My pretty, small, white phone. 

Friday, May 10
Planned: 6 miles
Completed: 6 miles

What a gorgeous day for a run! It was very windy but also sunny, and I had fun doing an easy pace run in Shoreline Park.

The real Friday highlight? I passed by Sprinkles Cupcake shop on the way to buy my iPhone case at the Stanford Shopping Center, and of course I stopped by. YUM.

Vanilla and Milk Chocolate. Basic can be the best.

Saturday, May 11
Planned: 10 miles
Completed: 5 miles

I swapped my weekend run days in favor of a Sunday long run group. Saturday's run was absolutely amazing. I felt perfect, no calf tightness, it felt easy. Days like this are so wonderful!

Sunday, May 12
Planned: 5 miles
Completed: 10 miles

Another awesome run day, making the weekend spectacular. I met up with Go Far run group (my first time with them) to do 10 miles on the Los Gatos Creek trail, and I ended up running with another group newcomer named Ashley. We were chatting away, and my average pace ended up faster than planned (and faster than usual, race pace-ish) even though it didn't feel like I was pushing it. Most of the group stayed for coffee and social time after the run, which was awesome. I love meeting new runners and will be going back to this group for sure.

I felt so incredibly happy on Sunday afternoon because of the great running, plus the weather both days was awesome and not as hot as expected. Nothing like a relaxing weekend at home to refresh the body.

And now for a little cute overload, my first iPhone camera photo. It just had to be my kitten. Caption courtesy of Facebook friends.

Can i haz iPhone!?


  1. Fun that you got an iPhone. I love mine. :)

    Sounds like you had a good running week too. Keep it up!

  2. Lol. Love the picture of your cat :) Eye are huge!!

    Thanks for the info of the run group. I have been wanting to join one that wasn't too far from me and it seems pretty close. I'll look into it some more.

    1. It's a good one! We should both go sometime. :)

  3. So hard to photograph an all-black cat! Nothing but eyes 8)

    The "Pretzel"?
    I think not.


  4. Oh, the loveliness of the iPhone... I had to turn mine in when I lost my job in February, and that was a sad day. (First world problems... seriously.)

    I made a list of apps I loved for another friend, so I thought I'd share that list with you since it's handy. Here you go! Most are free.

    Sky View Free - astronomy app to figure out what you're looking at in the night sky

    Planet Finder - another good astronomy app

    Fooducate - nutrition guide with recipes

    World Recipes - just what it sounds like

    Food on the Table - easy way to browse many recipe websites for good, simple recipes and get shopping lists

    Snip Snap - scan coupons so you don't have to carry them around

    iBird - bird ID program (there are paid versions, which I have, but the free one is quite good)

    WebMD,, First Aid, Google Maps, GroupOn, Living Social, The Weather Channel, AccuWeather

    I have others like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Instagram, Pinterest,, and games like solitaire, Words with Friends, and Sudoku, but I'm sure if you want any of those you can get them or you can pick a free version for yourself.


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