My last day in Hamburg is today, although sadly I haven't done any sightseeing aside from my run on Sunday. On the bright side, I'm enjoying my new team at work and am really happy with the decision to join them! The Hamburg Google office is located in a nice part of the city with many shops and restaurants around, and it has the best decorated conference rooms I've ever seen. One even has a poker table for the conference table. So much fun!

Hey, Google Hamburg.

Android popping out of the ceiling.

My flight left on Saturday at 8 am and I arrived in German on Sunday at 7 am, and I'm feeling the big time swing. I'm almost adjusted now that it's time to go back, and it'll be interesting to see how the reverse time change goes especially with my half marathon on Sunday. Eeek. 

I took a short nap Sunday and then headed out on a sightseeing run. Nothing serious, just time to run, chill, and take some photos. It was awesome. I ran through the large park near my hotel down to the Harbor area, then back past the hotel and around a really pretty lake for a bit. I didn't have a run plan but ended up doing 8.3 miles and feeling like I experienced running in Hamburg. There were tons of other runners in the park and even more on the paths by the lake. Does anyone else feel like you have an instant bond with the other runners in a new city? I love that, even if it's only on my end!

Nice path view in the park. 

 There were many beautiful fountains in the park. Loved them.

 Hanseatisches Oberlandesgericht, the higher regional court

 Path toward the harbor, check out the big, colorful chairs.

 St. Michaelis Church

 Not my hotel, but a very pretty hotel.

 View of the harbor area.

 I caught a rainbow!

Another nice path view. So green.

An attempt at a selfie in the park, very hard without a forward-facing camera on the phone.

Sailboats on the lake.

Now I'm sure you are all wondering, haven't I had any German beer? Of course I have! I'll spare you the beer photos, although I did take a couple. I haven't had anything specifically interesting and new, although I remembered loving Erdinger when I was in Dublin and was happy to enjoy that again here in Germany on draft. I'm hoping to drag a few coworkers with me to a Hamburg brewery tonight for dinner. 

Tomorrow I head for the airport bright and early, and if all goes well with flights I'll be back for the SF Marathon Ambassador dinner in the evening. Keeping my fingers crossed because I really want to go meet everyone!


  1. I saw a few beer photos on facebook! Looks like you had a good trip, so I hope you avoid too much jet lag and also enjoy the new team back in the states!

  2. Wow, Hamburg looks gorgeous!! I really love the Android sticking out of the ceiling. Maybe I can find a reason to get to that office someday. Glad you're loving your new team and the decision to join!

  3. Europe has the best city parks. So if you're working with an international Google team, does that mean you're moving or will be traveling there more frequently? It looks beautiful. :)

  4. It's so beautiful there! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  5. Your pictures are beautiful! I hope your travel home is smooth and you don't have too much jet lag during the race.


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