Week of Inspiration

This week went unexpectedly fast; I thought it would drag like crazy after the short work week for the July 4th holiday. Even better, I found inspiration and excitement in a lot of little things this week and want to share them with you all.

First things first - I'm now an AUNT! My husband's sister had a little boy on Tuesday and he's super adorable. I can't wait to meet him when we visit home in 2 weeks. I'm going crazy right now that I can't be there to see him and our family!

Look at that little face! He's a doll.

Now back to running inspiration, most of which is related to my fave company, Oiselle.

1. Lauren Fleshman wrote an awesome blog post about her progress after giving birth, and it's pretty spectacular. I'm so happy to be her Oiselle teammate and can't wait to see her kick some butt when she starts competing again.

2. Oiselle announced a new project called 'Little Wing,' which is a training program in Bend, Oregon, for promising post-collegiate runners. They will be helping with training, meet costs, and more. Read about it in detail on the Oiselle blog.

3. One of the coolest things about Oiselle is how they support other runners as well as the sport itself, and Competitor.com did a story this week on all of the amazing ways the company helps running. I loved reading this and even learned a few things I didn't yet know. I highly recommend this article and would even if I weren't a part of Oiselle team. It's great to see a company that is so supportive and innovative.

4. I got new shoes! (As in, a new version of my normal shoes.) Isn't that always the best feeling?

Moving on to the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13...

All of this inspiration came at a good time, because earlier this week I wasn't feeling so great about running the Jungle Run half on Sunday. Luckily my last couple of runs were great and now I'm looking forward to it. 

Happy running everyone!


  1. A cute little one!

    Glad your running is back on an uptick...

    Enjoy the race Sunday!

  2. Great motivation and congrats on being an aunt!!

    I just started running in Brooks Adrenalines (but the men's version). I'm hoping I love them! Sounds like yours have worked out for you!

  3. Yay, you're an aunt! My sister had her baby boy about a month ago, so I've become a smitten aunt as well. :)

  4. Oh my gosh. he is ADORABLE! Is he in Ohio? I am looking for future boyfriends for Addie. :)


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