Catch Up Time

This is the longest I've gone without posting since I started the blog, and I can't say I have a great excuse. Work and life have been crazy busy lately and I've been going to sleep early. Sleep is good. I'm going to do a little catch up with photos for this one, then we'll be back to more regular blog posts!

Last Friday, I met up with Oiselle teammate Ashley and her new hubby for lunch at Google. I love meeting other Oiselle ladies. I feel special that they took time from their honeymoon to visit!

With the Gingerbread Android dude.

Over the weekend our friends were visiting from Ohio, and we had three whirlwind days of sightseeing fun. First, Alcatraz. We've gone twice before but I enjoy it every time.

 Oh hey Kev, too bad you are on the other side of the visiting wall.

 Lock him up.

Next few stops in SF: a walk through Fisherman's Wharf for the sea lions, dinner at Bistro Boudin, chocolate at Ghirardelli, and a trolley ride back to the Powell Street Bart station.

The next day we headed to Napa and enjoyed a picnic and wine tasting at V. Sattui, plus more wine tasting at Whitehall Lane and Peju. Check out Peju if you ever get a chance and ask for Alan. He raps, and he's the best wine tasting entertainment ever.

Picnic time.

Monday we hung out in SF and then headed to Muir Woods. First stop, Alamo Square and the Painted Ladies as featured in the Full House credits.

 Painted Ladies. Recognize this?

After an awesome lunch at Nopalito, we continued on to visit the Golden Gate Bridge and to drive through the headlands. Unfortunately, the fog was thick and wiped out the headlands views.

 Bridge top, where are you?

A windy selfie on the bridge.

Windy day on Rodeo Beach.

Last stop of the day, Muir Woods to visit the redwoods and for a little hiking. I can never get enough of this park, or the entirety of Marin County for that matter.

Muir Woods photo op.

There you have it, the excitement of the last week. I'm glad it's Wednesday because we are already that much closer to the weekend, and I could use a weekend to recover from last weekend...not that I'd trade it for the world!


  1. Looks like you really hit up all the favorite Northern California sights with your friends. I love all those places: SF, Napa, Redwoods. Glad you have been having some fun!

    1. Yeah I love these places too! I never mind going back. :)

  2. The first, okay maybe 2nd things I'd want to do in San Fran is see the Full House 'house'. I grew up watching the show, like many others. I need to visit the city soon, I am missing out!

    1. Yeah! It's cool to see the painted ladies, but it sounds like I need to go find the real house. :)

  3. You know, I'm a bad native nor CA girl. I have never been to see the Painted Ladies or actually been to Ghiradelli Square. Whoops. I love the bridge though and the headlands. I haven't been out there since I was a kid, same with Muir Woods, but I remember being in awe of it all. And went to Alcatraz for the 1st time this year. haha. All of it might seem touristy, but these are places that are important to the city and the bay area.

    1. Oh wow! You should go to Ghirardelli, I love the chocolate and ice cream shop! I love the headlands and Muir Woods area for amazing. :)


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