Marin Trail Love

This past weekend Kevin and I went trail running in Marin with friends and had a fabulous time. We started from the Tennessee Valley trailhead area and started uphill for our planned 11.5 mile loop. We took a little wrong turn and ended up adding about 2 miles, but I didn't mind at all. I can't get enough trail running in this area (or anywhere, really.) The rest of this post is shared in photos; we had a few views, interesting fog, and gorgeous trees.

Fog moving through the trees. 

More gorgeous fog.

 Kristen, Layla, Kevin, and Kevin heading uphill.

Another uphill view. (Photo from Layla.)

Kevin and I with the fog into the trees. The trail through the trees was a highlight.

With the ladies. Karin, me, Kristen, Layla. (Photo from Kristen.)

Running into the trees with Kristen. (Photo from Layla.)

 A little detour to see the bridge view.

 View back to where we came from.

 Whee! (Photo from Kristen.)

 Gorgeous blue sky. (Photo from Kristen.)

I definitely need more trails running in my life because it's been infrequent lately. There is nothing like it to perk up the running soul!


  1. this trail literally looks like it was made for pictures---what awesome rave run shots!

  2. Oh my goodness! What a gorgeous trail!

  3. Had such a great time with you all!

  4. That trail looks like a fun place to run. I have to get my butt up to Marin sometime. And do more trail running. I love being outside and the few trails I have done really make me want to get out there. Looks like you had a great time with friends :)

  5. I know you said you were missing the Mitten a bit... but on my geez those pictures are incredible. I would def. try trail running if I could run through trails and trees like that! Soo beautiful!

  6. Gorgeous! I need to get up to Marin soon. Mind me asking which trails you ran on?

    1. Hi Jen! We parked at Tennessee Valley. Here was the planned route:

      We actually took a wrong turn and ended up on Bobcat near the end, adding a couple of miles. :) It was hard to find the little cutover to Miwok just before mile 9!

    2. Thanks for the info Paulette!


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