I'd like to look at my time in Barcelona and say it was all amazing, but the truth is we spent almost every waking minute at the office. I wish I'd had more time or stayed longer to really see the city because it seems like it would have been awesome. That said, I was lucky enough to sneak out of work (with permission!) to visit La Sagrada Familia at lunch on my last day there. It was spectacular.

 The Nativity Facade

 Hand-carved and absolutely stunning.

 The Altar.

Outside view, lots of construction right now.

The other highlight aside from above was visiting the Moritz brewery - you know I love my beer! Our team went here for our last night in Barcelona. The Moritz Epidor, an amber, was quite good and I even brought some home in my suitcase to share with Kevin.

 Cool lighting.


Horse-thing drooling beer?

Luckily, I was also able to squeeze in 3 good runs while I was there. One was on the treadmill because I had to be at work at 6:20 am and didn't have any daylight time, but the other two allowed some sightseeing time. My big regret is that I didn't end up running along the beach! I made a bad route choice one day and ended up on city streets instead. That's ok though, I had a nice little view of the beach when I walked down the day I arrived.

 And I bought this adorable little doll on my walk...

 Beach View.

Another nice beach view.

I'm happy to be back in California with my husband and my normal work schedule now, but I know I was very lucky to have the opportunity to go to Barcelona for a week. Where will I end up next? Time will tell.


  1. You're doing a lot of international travel in your new role! I have no idea what team you're on, to be honest, so we'll have to ping about it sometime.

    Barcelona does look beautiful. Getting runs in during work travel is so hard. Impressed you got up to run in time to make a 6:20am work time. THAT is being motivated!

  2. Awesome that you went to Sagrada Familia. I saw a 60 Minutes thing on it, and was fascinated. That place looks amazing.


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