Visiting Buckeyes

What a fantastic weekend! As you may know, Kevin and I went to Ohio State for undergrad and love our Buckeye football. This weekend, the Buckeyes played Cal in Berkeley and of course we headed up for the game. A few college friends from Ohio came to visit for the weekend, so we had the chance to enjoy some tourist-y fun too.

I took Friday off from work to head down to Monterey and Carmel for sight-seeing and wine tasting with four visiting ladies. Naturally, I went early and enjoyed a run along the Monterey coast before meeting everyone for breakfast. I LOVE running along the water, especially in the perfect temperatures along Monterey Bay. The highlight of the morning was the large number of seals chilling out on the rocks and swimming near the shore.

 Hanging out in the shallow water.

 I think the little guy at the bottom left is looking at me.

Beautiful coast line.

After my run, I met my friends for breakfast and then we went to Carmel by the Sea to the wine walk. I was thrilled to find out Manzoni has a tasting room there; I've been to their winery in Soledad a couple times and love it. I bought quite a few bottles of wine...our wine fridge needed a refill anyway!

Blair, Manzoni, Scheid, and Shale Canyon.

Although I was skepical after wine tasting on Friday, I somehow woke up early and had a fantastic 15 mile long run on Saturday before the football game. Seriously, it felt perfect and was right at the target long run pace. I hope this weekend goes as well!

We headed to Berkeley via the Bart and went straight to the Buckeye Bash to see the Ohio State University Marching Band perform. Both Kevin and I were in the band (as were some of our visitors) and I hadn't seen them perform live in a couple of years. It was a very nostalgic day.

 Gia and I riding Bart, with a sea of other people wearing red.

 Walking to the stadium at Berkeley.

OSUMB at the Buckeye Bash.

Ok, I might be a little nostalgic my band days at times but I really, really don't miss wearing black wool in hot weather. So hot and uncomfortable.

We met up with even more friends at the bash and for the game. Gotta love a weekend with so many friends! The game was awesome - mostly because we won - but I won't bore you with details. We cheered, we chatted, and we went out for beer after the game. Perfect.

 The stadium photo.

With friends Gia and Kathryn after the game.

We finished the weekend off with a little more wine tasting to take Gia to our favorite winery in St. Helena, Casa Nuestra. I love how it's small, has amazing wine, and has great people running it. I highly recommend visiting sometime if you are in the area.

 Casa Nuestra.

 View from the hill at St. Clement.

Cheers from Louis Martini.

And that's the end of a fantastic weekend. Go Bucks!


  1. haha I was up in SF America's Cup and saw a sea of red seemingly everywhere I went - Ohio State fans travel better than any school in the nation maybe except for Notre Dame. And as a Stanford fan, I'm glad that OSU won lol. I do think that OSU is going undefeated this year, your schedule is really easy this year, and you have a good team.

  2. I have yet to go to Monterey to wine taste. dang it. I haven't been to St. Helena either :-\

    If you're in the Monterey area again, check out Post No Bills. It's a craft brew bar in Sand City, just next to Seaside. It's a pretty neat place with a lot of good brews.

    UCSD doesn't have a football team, so I didn't get the whole "college football experience". We did have kick ass water polo and baseball teams :)

  3. I have a friend with a winery in the Wilamette area. If you ever go up that way you'll have to check out his, it's called Bells Up Winery.


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