Race Weather Blues

The weather forecast: something many of us runners stalk starting 10 days before our race. Something that can cause dread or instill happiness. Something that changes umteen times in the 10 days before the race. I'm someone who lets it get to me when the temps start reading above 75 degrees. Is it worth the stress?

Probably not, but I also know how many times I've struggled in heat. For over a year I've been dealing with a rib cage muscle cramp that is always worse in heat, and a high of 86 (like for San Jose RnR this weekend) brings me right back to worrying about the pain and crappiness that I've pushed through many times. I REALLY don't want to feel like that for another race. There is also the realization that heat slows down paces in general, and I'd hoped to go for a PR at this half.

What I'm trying to remember is that for all of the tough weather situations I've endured, they haven't always been as bad as expected. Yes, my first marathon in a hot Chicago year scared me off of running another one for about 2 years, but I went back to the marathon distance and had a successful race even in the stormy CIM weather last year. I've done many half marathons in the rain and/or heat. My recent trail half went super well and I pushed myself even though it was a 85-90 degree day - with no side cramp I might add. It can be done! In fact, when I really think of races where the weather was good (i.e. my preference of cool and not raining) there have only been a handful.

If you are like me today, stressing a bit about the heat/humidity/rain/etc. for your race, hang in there! We can rock these races no matter what Mother Nature throws at us. And if it isn't our day, we'll bounce right back and try again.

Hydrate, fuel, dress appropriately - and stay positive. I'll even try to take my own advice.

Happy race weekend friends!


  1. It was cool this morning (and windy!) and I was freezing my little shorts off out on the run for the first two miles. Hopefully, the weather stays like that for most of the morning in Sunday, at least when the race starts. Though I do remember it heating up quickly last year. We've just got to deal with it as it comes and take the proper precautions before the race itself.

    What corral you in? Mine is 7. I'm planning on wearing my purple bunny ears again.

    1. I'm in corral 5! Hopefully the morning will stay cool, it sure does feel cooler when I leave for work. :)

  2. Good luck, Paulette! Definitely take your own advice, you know what you're talking about :) Stay positive and kick some butt out there this weekend!

  3. Good luck! Take your own advice, and enjoy your race. :-)


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