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On Friday, I received news that I will be on the San Francisco Marathon Ambassador team for 2014! I'm thrilled to be on the team for the second year and can't wait to hang out with Ambassadors I already know and to meet the new people. I love the community and inspiration that teams such as SFM and Oiselle encourage.

This year in SF will be the year of the marathon for me; I've run all of the other events (even the 5K) and it's time. More importantly, running the 1st half in 2012 and the 2nd half in 2013 means I'm lined up for the 52 club - I'll be getting a special cozy hoodie at the end of the marathon this year. And who doesn't love hoodies?

Ah, memories. Ambassador Dinner 2013

Double bling with the Half-It-All Challenge.

In other weekend news, the coverage of the NYC Marathon on ESPN was fantastic! I felt like I was watching the Olympics again (but this time not at 5 am thank goodness.) One elite athlete I always root for is Meb Keflezighi, and even though this race didn't go well for him, he has an amazing attitude. Check out this emotional interview video on Flotrack, it's awesome.

The last part of the weekend's excitement was my 18 mile long run going much better than I expected. I always find myself anxious about long runs when I begin to hit distances over 15 (at least on road, I'm much less anxious when I can do it on trail.) Kevin and I headed out on the Guadalupe River Trail, ran to the turnaround at the Alviso gazebo with restrooms and water, then headed back. I love running this trail now that they have paved it; it's so much nicer than when we first moved to San Jose. We came out a little under my target long run pace and I felt good, so I'm super pleased with the outcome of the run. 

This weekend we head to Malibu for a long weekend and will be running the Malibu Half Marathon for fun on Sunday. I'm definitely not ready to race race again, but I enjoy the views on this course along the Pacific Coast Highway, it's great hill work, and we lucked out with a really cheap deal on entries. We loved it when we ran it back in 2011.

Also, don't forget to enter my Oiselle Lesley Knicker giveaway! You have one more day, and I'll be drawing the winner on Wednesday morning. Good luck!


  1. Thanks for all the inspiration and encouragement this year as I trained & completed the 1st half of the SF Marathon. Looking forward to exciting times ahead..

  2. Congrats on being an ambassador again! I'm really thinking of doing the trifecta. 1st half, 2nd half and then the full marathon. :) I think it'd be a fun challenge.

    I run on the trail too! Close to work and somewhat accessible for me. I agree. It's sooo much better paved than what it was before. Though I do like mixing it up and running on the dirt side. Watch out for the geese on the pavement side. They hiss a lot :\

    Have fun in Malibu this weekend! Sounds like it'll be a great time.

  3. Congrats on being an ambassador -- I can't wait to meet you and all the others! We should get some Bay Area organized runs going ...

    And I think I'm also going for 52 Club! We'll see......

  4. I love Meb!!!! (And your skirt!)

  5. Congrats on another year being selected for the Ambassador Team!

  6. Congrats on the win!! This is an awesome blog.


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