A Very Chilly CIM Awaits

Can you believe it's December already? Crazy! CIM is officially here, and I've decided to run tomorrow. My ankle has been feeling good the last couple of weeks - fingers crossed it stays that way.

The interesting part about this one will be the weather. I have a knack for choosing marathons with not-so-great weather, that's for sure. Marathon #4 shows a forecast of 26 degrees for the 7 am start time so it'll be pretty chilly. I definitely prefer cold to warm, although I can't say I've considered how I feel about a marathon quite this cold before. Part of me wants to cozy up in my Oiselle hoodie with coffee and cheer for everyone else.

Weather.com Hourly for Sacramento tomorrow...brrr.

The bright side? No flooding predicted for CIM this time around! Cold is likely better than the monsoon-ish weather we endured in 2012. 

Aside from the weather, I'm getting excited for the race day festivities. I love expos, seeing run friends, running with so many people, and of course crossing the finish. As my only marathon this year, I've been waiting a long time for a marathon finish line.

Happy racing and running to everyone out there this weekend - stay warm! 


  1. I can't believe how cold it's gonna be! But maybe the cold air will just numb everything so you can't feel any pain? ;) Also, at least you'll be moving -- I'm kinda dreading standing out in the cold for 2-4 hours!

    HAVE A GREAT RACE! Savor that finish line!

  2. Look perfect wx to me! Winds are side or quartering tail winds...can only help. So jealous! Next year I will be there for sure.

    When I ran it it was 34F at the start, 50F at the finish, I had a lot of disposable clothes for the start and I ditched them ALL by end of mile 1.

    I like cold weather...if it's low forties I run in t-shirt and shorts...and have gloves only as extra gear and even they come off after a few miles.

    At 26F I might hang onto some good gloves for most of the race and I might wear my good greenlayer jacket mostly unzipped after a while ... I would take off and spin up into a tube and tie around my waist if it got too warm. (maybe, but probably not)

    It's great when it's so cold though as you don't need to drink that much. (burning glycogen makes water which gives you some). Tummy is easier to feed too I find with less water having to go in.

    If you run into my friend Jill Parker, say hello. (She's from Colorado) (runwithjill blog)

    Have a great race!


  3. How chilly, by CA standards! I had been hoping for 20 degree temps today, but ended up running the 5 mi Frostbite (aptly named) right at zero degrees. Brrr...I was one cold bird! Best of luck in the Marathon!

    1. Super chilly for CA! I've become such a wuss since I moved here though. :) Zero degrees is hardcore!

    2. Hmm...I don't think wussies run Marathons! I saw that you PR'ed! Can't wait for recap. Congratulations!

  4. Good luck and stay warm! I bet you will feel great once you get going!

  5. For me-- there is definitely a point where running outside just doesn't happen. I try to breathe and just can't find it. I think I may have a low-grade asthma or something, but it is only an issue when it gets down below 50 degrees.

    1. It can be hard on the lungs for sure! This wasn't terrible, but when I lived in Michigan there were some days where it was all lung burn. Luckily, not a marathon! I hope it isn't too bad for you right now. :(


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