I'm Being Good

The hip/groin strain recovery period is moving along slowly and I'm being a good patient. I'm taking my Ibuprofen (10 days is over on Friday) and not running. I started my two week running hiatus before I went to the doctor, and you better believe I'm counting those days in my two week rest total. My two weeks off is over on Saturday! Then I can do a test run to see how things feel, and I'll go from there. I'll still only be able to run flats for a while - no trail - but flat running is most definitely better than no running.

I can't really say if it feels better right now due to the ibuprofen and the fact that I haven't tried running. I'm able to use the elliptical without a problem and I'm thankful for that. As for the Tinkerbell Half, technically it is after my two weeks off. As badly as I want to give it a shot, I don't want to start recovery over because I pushed too hard too soon and have to take even more time off. At this point I'm considering myself out of the race. However, I'm still heading down to Disneyland to hang with friends and to collect my very expensive t-shirt.

This past Sunday my spirits were lifted by a trip to Muir Woods with Kevin's cousin, who was visiting from Boston for a conference in SF. On the way there we stopped in the Headlands for the bridge views on a clear day; it was perfect. We had a great time hiking (mild hiking because of me) and walking around Muir Woods, and we even took a trail that I hadn't been on before called Fern Creek Trail. They've been doing construction on that trail or had it closed for other reasons the last few times we've been to Muir Woods, and we usually take Oceanview, Hillside, or Ben Johnson instead. Fern Creek was a very mild trail as far as climbing goes, and it was gorgeous. I didn't map it but I'm guessing it was about 2-2.5 miles total for the loop (it loops back to the main trail via Camp Eastwood trail.)

Beth and I with the bridge view.

 On Fern Creek Trail, my fave photo.

 Trail going off the side of Fern Creek Trail.

Bridge across the creek, built on top of a fallen tree.

We finished our trip with none other than Marin Brewing Company for dinner. What's a trip to Muir Woods without a stop at Marin Brewing? It's our favorite combo when we have guests in town...or even on our own.

I'm pumped for Disneyland - I'll be cheering for everyone running Tink!
  1. Love that first pic on the trail -- beautiful! Hope running goes well this weekend as your first back from your hip strain.

  2. Proud of you for sticking to the rest time! You'll be back and at it in no time. Is a bummer you won't be running Tink, but at least you'll get the nice tech shirt.

    Still so jealous of all your trails. Once spring/summer comes, I'm going trail exploring and will hopefully post a lot of awe inspiring pics, too ;)

  3. I haven't been to Muir woods in ages. Glad you're taking it easy and sticking to the plan of resting and healing. I went back into running too fast after my own hip.ITbad/groin injury and injured myself even more :\ Hopefully, once you've healed up and can start running trails again, maybe I can run some with you :) You'll be back at it before you know. Hace fun at Tink!

  4. Yup gotta treat tendons with care.
    Love Muir woods 8)

  5. Great photos...Muir Woods is so lovely but I always find it so crazy busy! We normally take guests to Wunderlich for Redwoods instead as it's so much quieter. Although the cafe in Muir Woods has the best cheese scones on the planet!!!


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