I Ran One Mile & SF Beer Week Gala

I know I've been a bit MIA on the blog lately. My whole routine is off with this injury situation; not running, not racing, not blogging, feeling overall annoyed. But guess what? Today I ran one mile and my hip flexor didn't spasm with pain afterwards. Progress?

In PT, we had started by focusing on the adductor and groin pain which finally started to calm down with lots of foam rolling, using the stick, PT exercises, and stretching. Unfortunately when I tried to run a mile last Monday, the hip flexor pain came right back (although not quite as bad as it had initially been.) Talk about feeling bummed to be off even longer.

Based on the hip flexor response to that run, we started focusing more on hip flexor in PT. She did some kind of thing with a leather strap to try to break up the collagen in the hip flexor area and it seemed to make a big difference right away. And perhaps it did, because I actually ran a mile today and didn't regret it. Know what that means? I can try again tomorrow and more this week assuming it goes well! I'm not out of the woods because I still have some soreness, but I also have hope now.

In other weekly highlights, I received two fun presents in the mail. First, I found out I'm part of Picky Bars Team Green for the Picky Club Games. Woot! Anyone else out there Team Green?

Let's win.

Second, I received a fun pair of Skechers Go Run Ride 3's courtesy of Skechers! They are sponsoring our Ragnar SoCal team and sent each of us a pair of shoes for the event. I'm loving the neon pink laces - they are even brighter in person. The team is also sponsored by Nuun and the SF Marathon and promises to be a freakin' amazing relay team!

Now for the big highlight of last week, the SF Beer Week Opening Gala. It was hands down the best beer festival event I've gone to. The event sells out pretty early each year and I was happy I remembered to look for tickets in time. They had the event at an exhibition hall in SF (the same one that holds the SF Marathon Expo by the way,) and I couldn't even count the number of brewers in attendance. My favorite beers were the Apex IPA by Bear Republic and the Evil3 IPA by Heretic. They gave us really fun souvenir glasses and had a free photo booth too.

As someone who loves to drink craft beer but doesn't tend to actually get drunk ever, I didn't do a great job of managing my intake on Friday. I didn't realize how many beers I had tried (the pours seemed small, no?) and the alcohol content of the stronger ones did me in. That, however, made for some fun photos I just discovered on my phone and have no recollection of taking.

The post-beer gala even photos for your viewing pleasure. Along with these there were a number of photos of the street and nothingness. Perhaps we were trying to take a selfie? Eventually we got one.

Beer week had some fun events on Saturday and today too, but I've temporarily put myself on hold. Maybe I'll be ready tomorrow.

Have a fun week all!


  1. You had me at Beer Week. I love the photo montage!

    Glad to hear PT is helping. It is always a long process, but well worth it in the end. Hopefully you continue to feel relief!

    1. Thanks! Definitely feeling like PT is helping, even with regards to running form changes. Love it!

  2. If you like the GRR3's you might consider the Go run Ultras for your trail running needs :) I love my GRR2's

  3. Hope the PT helps! We have all been there were an injury throws off our normal routine.

  4. Glad you're seeing some progress with the hip flexor. Sounds like I might need to check out the opening gala next year! I've never gone, but it sounds awesome. Sweet T-shirt!

  5. Love the photo montage! Looks like you guys had a great time :) You'll have to share how the Go Runs work! I have heard surprisingly good things about those shoes!

    Hope the hip flexor heals soon. :( Not a fun injury to deal with and try and nurse back to health!

    1. Thanks! I ended up exchanging the Go Run for a men's size/width - fit is much better. They are so light!

  6. One of these days I will actually go to beer week events! Your drunk photos are amazing, and the first one of Kevin made me laugh out loud.


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