Skiing Breckenridge

With the lack of rain and snow this year, we haven't been skiing nearly as much as usual. We've only spent one weekend in Tahoe so far! However, our foresight to plan our longer trip in Breckenridge, CO, this year really paid off. Colorado is having a fantastic snow year and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

We headed to Breckenridge this past Friday to meet up with our friends Mike and Jen. We decided Breck is our new Olympic year destination; the last time we went there was during the Vancouver Olympics. It's so much fun to ski during the day, then watch the Winter Olympics while relaxing in the evening. I especially love watching the ski and snowboard events, the snow cross and downhill ski events being my favorites.

Since our last trip to Breck four years ago, I've become a much better skier. I was able to enjoy more of the terrain this time around, and I even headed up Imperial Chair to the bowl marked double black. Eek! I'm not an adrenaline junkie when it comes to skiing, I get my adrenaline from running long not skiing steeps. That said, Imperial Bowl was super fun, had incredible views from the top, and was totally in my ski ability. I loved it! Side note, I think it's more of a black than a double black.

Below are a few of my fave photos from the trip. Colorado is too beautiful for its own good, and mountains are the best.

 Kevin and Jen at the top of Peak 8.

 Bluebird day on Peak 8.

 My Picky Games photo, go team green!

 Walkway from our condo to town, gorgeous.

 Mike and I with the bear. We have a thing for bears.

Imperial Bowl from the bottom, which I promise looks steeper from the top down...

Tahoe is getting snow this week and I'm incredibly tempted to head there over the weekend, but I think the downtime of being at home after traveling will be the better way to go. We'll see if I can hold off on more skiing....


  1. Wow!! Looks like you had some great ski days in CO! Nice trip!


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