Weekly Recap: Long Weekend Fun

It's been a great training week and I managed to follow my training schedule pretty darn well. I'm proud of myself! As I mentioned in my last weekly recap, Run Coach was confusing me with all of the changes in the schedule. One of the big ones was that it switched the originally-planned 15 miler to an 11 miler, and I wasn't at all comfortable with backing off so much.

I'm pretty sure the schedule issue was related to paces looking too slow (trail running) and doing too much mileage on one week (changing my long run day.) I used my own judgement on the change and stuck to the originally scheduled 15 mile long run this week. Strangely enough, logging that 15 mile run made the schedule change back to the original. Don't worry Run Coach, I can do it.

Last week's workouts.

Last Sunday, I didn't do the recovery run and instead went biking with friends. We did some climbing on Calavares Boulevard in Milpitas and then had a lovely coffee chat. I'd never ridden in that location before, and I really enjoyed the scenery. The downhill after the climbing, however, scared the heck out of me. I'm clearly not comfortable on the bike yet.

Tuesday I met Kevin at Rancho San Antonio for an easy 6 mile loop. We ran a new route and climbed Upper Meadow Trail, which I loved. My calves were cramping badly and I walked way more than I wanted, but I need to go back to run it. That was a very runnable climb.

Wednesday is speed work day, and I actually did it on my own. Winning! I always get nervous about speed work, but this time I'd had a tough day at work and felt really ready to go at it. I ran a warm-up, 6 x 0.25 mile repeats with 0.25 mile easy in between, and a cool down. This was my first time doing speed intervals on road as opposed to a track, but it really worked just fine. I ran the paces I wanted to and felt great afterwards.

Thursday was an easy run day, and I was feeling pretty tired. I thought I should be able to pick up the pace but it just wasn't happening, I felt like I was moving in slow motion and it was very hot. At least I got some miles in. 

Saturday brought my long run day, for which I was in Monterey with my family. I can't think of many more inspiring places to train than along the Monterey Bay, and I had a great time running there. My stomach wasn't cooperative for the first half of the run, but finally I got through it and enjoyed the rest. I felt strangely good for the 15 miles, and even my Sunday recovery run was great. I'm surprised and thrilled with that outcome!

And of course, I had to take some fun weekend photos of running and hanging out with my family.

Near the beginning of the 15 miler. Loved the fog.

Driving Highway 1 with my parents.

High up at Hurricane Point.

Bothering seals. The white one wasn't happy with us for the photos.

Marina selfie.

Wine tasting with my parents at Regale.

On to next week. How was your training this week?


  1. Gorgeous pics and congrats on a strong long run!

  2. Great job on your training week, Paulette, and I'm so happy you were able to get a nice change of scenery, seals included! Thanks for sharing these fantastic photos and I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I love your new header! Where was it taken??

    Biking on Calaveras?? Literally just down the street from me ;) That road is pretty crazy (just driving it) so I'm always in awe of the cyclist going out that way. Did you head towards to reservoiror loop back up on Sierra? I see quite a few cyclist tackle that climb and a half. There are some trails up on Calavera that I have been wanting to run too.

    Looks like you've had a fabulous time with your family. Monterey is always a great place to enjoy time with them :)


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