Recap of Many Weeks

I did a terrible job of keeping up with my weekly recaps this marathon cycle, so here's a catch up post. We have had a ton going on both at work and home for the past few weeks and I can barely keep up with myself lately. It's all good though, it's been a really fun fall so far.

Training for NYCM has been going fairly well, although I hit a little bump in the road yesterday with my 19 mile long run. For whatever reason, my right foot started cramping up in the last 1.5 miles or so, and today I woke up to a very painful foot. It hurts more when I get up after a long period of time or when I use ice, and it seems to be a cramped up feeling when I put pressure on it. I'm panicking a little today because I've been psyched for Nike Women's Half and NYCM, and they are getting close. Hopefully it's just sore for a couple of days and then I can run again. After dealing with the hip flexor this year and giving up the 50K and SF Marathon, I don't want to be injured for my big fall races too.

On the happy side, the long run yesterday started at our place and ended at the Mountain View Oktoberfest! That was such a great way to motivate a long run in the heat.


Last weekend was my birthday, and we spent it visiting our friend Jen in Pasadena. I went to Hollywood for the first time (I love the Walk of Fame stars!), ran trails in Griffith Park for my long run, and climbed to Griffith Observatory on the bike for awesome views. We also enjoyed many cupcakes both in Pasadena from Jen and at work thanks to my great co-workers. 

 View from high up while running.

 Enjoying the Walk of Fame.

 Jen and Kev visiting the Village People.

 Hollywood sign viewpoint.


The weekend before that was Ragnar Napa, where very much fun was had by all. I also ran the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge with the Google team that week and met many of the super fast Google runners. I loved it! Both the men's and women's teams won and will be going to the World Championships (I'm not fast enough to score, but I loved being there anyway.)

Google team, before everyone had arrived. (Photo from the official photographer for the event)

The next few weekends bring a wedding, two weekends with visitors, and then the trip to NYC. Whew! It'll all be fun, but I'll be glad when things slow down a bit too. 

What are your fall races? Anyone else coming to SF for Nike Women's or to NYC? 


  1. Wow! What a great birthday trip, Paulette! Love that you chose to take your picture with Matt Damon, too. :) You have definitely been a very busy lady; I SO hope that you enjoy yourself in NYC and then take a little break from all of your travels! I would love to do the Nike Women's race one of these days; I have a few local friends who have done it, and they have only good things to say about the event. I hope your foot is feeling better - ugh. Take care of yourself!


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