Catching Up

I've been missing in action for a couple of weeks, and it's time to play catch up. Now that it's January and I'm back from travel I need to get back into a good rhythm with the blog.

Last week, I traveled to Ohio to visit family and to Pittsburgh, PA, for the wedding of my close friend, Gia. I'm incredibly excited and happy for Gia and Dave, and the wedding was beautiful! I was a bridesmaid and had a great time hanging out with the bridal party all day. I honestly thought I was going to lose it when Gia walked down the aisle, but I somehow managed not to cry (much). There is just something about a bride walking down the aisle that makes me cry, which is even worse when it's a close friend or family member. Here are a few photo highlights.

Bridal party on the way to the salon.

I loved having my hair done, and the stylist did a cool curl plus braid style.

Photo op with the bride.

 Wedding party bus selfie.

College friends at the reception.

My college girls the morning after (minus a couple who had headed out.) I miss them!

The wedding was conveniently near our families, so we spent time with both my parents and Kevin's family as well. Our nephew, Braxton, is getting so big and is as adorable as ever. 

It's been good to settle back into life and work the last couple of days, and the zero degree temperatures in Ohio were a good wake up call; I have to remember not to take the awesome weather we have here in the Bay Area for granted! I didn't run outside at all while I was home because the air was brutal. I went to my first track workout in ages last night, and today I enjoyed the 60 degree running weather and one of my favorite trails. 

Do you run outside in zero or sub-zero degree temps? How has 2015 been going so far?


  1. Love weddings -- they are always great reunions of friends and family! I can't imagine running in 0 degree weather, I think the 20s and 30s is brutal here in Texas. I'm jealous of 60 degree running weather, looks like we may be getting some of that this weekend.

  2. Love your hair!
    I run outside in just about every temp, but I live in TN. It only gets into single digits a few times a year:)


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