Trail Run Fever

About 2 weeks before Christmas I started running trails more often again and I'm happy to be back. Boy, how I had missed the dirt. It's amazing how much more inspired I feel by running on trails, being in the trees, and climbing to awesome views.

I've been joining people from Go Far Run Group for early morning Rancho San Antonio trails once a week for the last few weeks, and I'm hoping the habit will stick; getting up early is not my forte. It's dark at the start and the sunrise view as we climb is beautiful. We've been doing a 7 mile loop many people call the 'Tulip' thanks to its shape on the map. Someone commented on my run saying it looks more like a Venus Fly Trap, and I think she is right; that just doesn't have the same ring in my Strava activity title as 'Tuesday Tulip.' 

The Tulip Loop at Ranch San Antonio

This past long weekend I visited two new parks that were each fantastic in their own way. I went to UVAS Canyon in Morgan Hill, CA, with Go Far on Saturday to enjoy the little waterfalls and creek along the trails. I felt like we were in a rainforest.

 Little Falls in UVAS Canyon.

Bigger falls.

 Another waterfall that would be bigger with rain.

Hamming it up with Marcia's selfie stick! (Photo from Marcia)

Loving the moss covered rocks and trees.

On Monday, I climbed to the top of Windy Hill Open Space Preserve with Sophia and Laurel. It's about 1400 feet in 3 miles so it definitely feels like a climb, but the way back down is really fun and the view is worth it. We only took photos right at the top and not on the way up.

 Top of Windy Hill.


The plan is to hit Rancho again for Saturday's long run, and I'm looking forward to it. Next weekend we are heading to SoCal for the Surf City Half Marathon, and after that I may try to add in a couple of shorter trail races. 

Happy trails!


  1. Beautiful trails! I'm looking forward to more trail runs after Kaiser.

  2. Found your blog through Running n Reading. I really want to do more trail running this year. Love all your pics, they look like some amazing trails!

  3. I'm itching to get back to running the trails again. Walking them isn't quite the same, but it takes the edge off. Looks like you're havinga great time out there on the dirt. This mean you're going to start eying a trail race soon? :)


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