Goal Race on Deck

The San Luis Obispo half marathon weekend is upon us! This is the one I designated as my goal race a few months ago, and I'm pumped to travel to SLO this weekend to run the course. The weather forecast is great and aside from being incredibly tired from all of the painting and moving, running has been good. I'm still hoping to go for it on Sunday!

The last few weeks of training have gone well; I have been doing regular track workouts again since January and increased my trail running (and hill climbing!) distances again. I'd say I'm where I want to be for now, and if things don't work out I have the Eugene Half on May 10 for another shot this spring.

The majority of my training runs for this event have been with the Go Far run group, which I'm loving. I have always been a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to run groups (am I good enough? Can I keep up?), but this is no longer true! Everyone is very welcoming and my fears were completely unfounded. I've loved having the support, advice, pace buddies, and challenging group track workouts to keep me going.

 Go Far on a Saturday Rancho San Antonio run, top of PG&E trail.

Go Far enjoying more hill climbing in Quicksilver!

And of course, post-track strength work. (Photo from Meghan)

Let's do this!


  1. Good luck this weekend!

    I'm new to the Bay Area and I've been thinking about joining the Go Far group for some runs. (Been on the Meetup group for a while but keep putting it off...) I run a bit slower (10-11 minute/miles for runs of 4 or fewer miles, 12+ minute/miles for long runs) so I'm kind of scared!

    1. Jess - welcome to the Bay Area! Come on out sometime, it's a great group and there really are tons of paces. The Sunday run from Coffee Society and Wednesday track are both great places where it's pretty much impossible to get lost (out and back, or a round the track.) I bet you'll find some pace matches and I'm often in the 10 min/mile range too! I stalked the group on meet up for probably 2 years, went to a couple, and then finally started to go regularly. So glad I did.

  2. Best of luck this weekend!

  3. Good luck at the SLO half! I'm jealous you're running Eugene, I've got to do it one year.

    1. Thanks! I ran Eugene a couple of years back and loved it, highly recommend!

  4. Hope you had a GREAT race!!! (Also, OMG Eugene, hell of jealous!)


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